*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Well, here's the verdict, PokeFans! The answer to R&R#2 is in!!
Jcarkeys with my interpretation of that scenario.  TR Makikarp's attack
states "[WWW]  Rapid Evolution: Search your deck for an
Evolution card named Gyarados or Dark Gyarados and put it on Magikarp.
(This counts as evolving Magikarp). Shuffle your deck afterward."

The above line mentions it as "...counts as evolving Magikarp..."  I think
that means it is evolving into Dark/Base Gyarados. A quote from the
Poke'mon rulebook on evolution: "Sorry, you can't evolve a Pokémon that
you just played or evolved on that turn. Also, neither player can evolve
a Pokémon on the first turn. And finally, yes, you can evolve a Pokémon
on your Bench-that counts as "in play"!" That was the Wizards of the
Coast online rulebook.  So I think that you CANNOT evolve Magikarp.  It
says in balck and a blue background "This counts as evolving Magikarp"
that means whatever applies to evolution applies to this attack!
Thanks for having a new challenging segment to your garage.  This will
be something fun to do over the summer. Thanks!
P.S. Who doesn't like "Whose line is it Anyway?"?
SATOSHI: Thank you, Jcarkeys!! I believe that sums it up very well. Bob
would be wrong. Let's listen in, eh?
YOU: Sorry Bob, but you cannot do that.

BOB:<<censored>>...your turn.

YOU: I'll use Dive Bomb...HEADS!! I believe that is game. Good game.

BOB: Yeah, yeah...how about another game?

YOU: Sure...I guess
SATOSHI: Bob has just issued another challenge...again. This guy does NOT
know when to quit, does he? Anyway, you'll be using your Mr. Wall deck.
Obviously, the lead acttacker is Mr. Mime, valued by you for his Invisible
Wall power. Well, since I've been talking, you've already begun the game,
and have started with one Pokemon: Mr. Mime. Bob has started with an
Electabuzz, a la his Haymaker variant. you both only have one Pokemon, but
you've managed to put 30 damage on Electabuzz thanks to quick work with
Meditate. Bob's energy has been hiding, and Mr. Mime is clear of any
damage...for now. With one Pokemon on each side, let's listen in.
BOB: My turn...<<draws cards>>..Finally. I'll attach an electric energy to
Electabuzz and Thundershock for 10...<<flips coin>>...and you are paralyzed.

YOU: Darn...<<draws card>>...go.

BOB: 'K...<<draws card>>...yes! I'll attach a fighting energy to 'buzz, and
Thunderpunch for the win!! Yes!!

YOU: Bob, you moron! You don't win!!

How will you explain that Bob does not win??
SATOSHI: There it is!! R&R#3!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!