*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hi ho...*yawn*...hmm? Oh, sorry. I'm just a bit..*yawn*..sleepy.
That blasted Vileplume next door...yes, that stupid secretary of
Crash's...has been releasing Sleep Powder unknowingly for the
past...*yawn*...seven hours. I wonder..*yawn*..how Crash is fairing?
Dear Satoshi,
I have created a cool new deck that I have played a
bit and it has done well.  The name of the deck is Hyper Agility.

The stratergy is quite simple.  Power up a  Raichu and or Rapidash and
use the agility attack which has a 50% chance of avoiding attacks next
turn.  Power up Dragonairs hyper beam attack on the bench and use that
to remove energy.  Combine that with the energy removal cards and it is
a deadly combination.
Here is my deck:

Pokémon (17)
  3 Ponyta (evolves into Rapidash)
  3 Rapidash (Agility)
  3 Jungle Pikachu (evolves into Raichu, good attack)
  3 Raichu (Agility)
  3 Dratini (evolves into dragonair)
  2 Dragonair (Hyper Beam)

  Trainers (16)
  4 Bill (card advantage!)
  2 Pokémon Trader (becuase of the 3 lines)
  2 Computer search (what do you think?
  2 Pokécentre (heal pokémon)
  2 Proffeser Oak (new hand)
  2 Pluspower (more power for Hyper beam)
  2 Super Energy removal (Combo with Dragonair!)

  Energy (27)
  3 DCE (Useful)
  13 Electric energy
  11 fire energy
SATOSHI:..*YAWWWNNNN*...Mmmm..nice deck. I do have a few suggestions...but I
am..a little tired...so bear with me here, K?
Agility..what a great attack. Superb. Let's work with it. I suggest taking
out the Dragonair family for the Fearow family. Fearow is equiped with
Agility as well. Take out the Pokemon Center for another Jungle Pikachu and
Ponyta. Wait...let's try to make the Pikachu the Movie Promo...recharge
helps to get him ready for evolution. The other Pokemon look good.
Not much to be done here. take out the PlusPowers for another Professor Oak
and SER.
Take out an Electirc Energy and add in another DCE.
Hmm...*yawn*...great idea. Agility can be very annoying.

SATOSHI: Hehe. I'm giddy on this Sleep Powder...HEHEHE...mmm...sleepy
time...me go bed now...<walk, walk, stumble, trip>..me fall on floor...floor
feel hard...like porcelin...mmm...me better turn out light...where
switch?...oh. Hehe. There switch. Nighty-night.
<<flips switch>>