*ding ding!*

SATOSHI: Oh, man. Sorry about that. It's paintball war day here at Pojo.
Hmm...that should come out; this stuff is supposed to be non-staining.
Excuse the look of this place. Yeah, well...I needed a base, and the shop
was the only place around here...so, up went the barracades...and here it
is. Try to avoid the booby traps on the floor and let's see what we can do.
Could you fine-tune this deck for me.  Thanks.


"The Great Outdoors"


4 Weedle
4 Kakuna
3 Beedrill
4 Caterpie
3 Metapod
2 Butterfree
4 Zubat
3 Golbat


27 Leaf Energy


1 Potion
1 Super-potion
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Mr. Fuji
1 Switch
1 Gust of Wind


To get several Beedrills or Butterfrees powered up for the kill.  The
Golbats are there to go up against Fire. I am a firm believer that you can
never have too many energy cards.  This deck plays very well.  Of the dozen
or so times I've used it, I've only lost once.  Usually, I lose 2 or 3
PokeMon, but by then I have at least one Beedrill powered up and then regain
lost ground.  Basically, I'd like help with my trainers.  Oh, and please
don't suggest Breeders, as I have none.
SATOSHI: Hmm...let's see...first, take this...it's got a clip of paintballs
in it already, and it's ready to fire. That secretary of Crash's has been
sneaking around like a combat vet-she's not that hard to see, though. She
may have combat fatigues on, but that coral pink lipstick gives her away.
Anyway, remember to shoot on sight, and let's fix your deck.
Hmmm...take out the Butterfree family. This should make it easier to play;
two stage two families is almost NEVER a good idea. I like the idea of Zubat
and Golbat, so let's leave them in. With the spaces from before, add in
three Pinsir. Thje toher Pokemon look good, so let's move on.
Lots of work is needed here. Remove everything but the Gust of Wind. Now, we
have 11 spaces. Add in two more Gust of Wind, four Bill, three Professor
Oak, and two Computer Search. That evens out the trainers a bit. Let's move
27 Grass Energy...wayyy too much. take out four and add in four Double
Colorless Energy. That should be okay for now.
Looks good. I like bugs. :)

SATOSHI: That should do it!! Good Luck and--*KERSPLAT!!*--Hey, Wha-? Oh.
There she is. Looks like she's bee hiding in here all along. Oh, well. Good
Luck and Happy Gaming!!