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SATOSHI: Here's the second installment of "Prerpare for MAJOR Trouble!!"
===Prepare for MAJOR Trouble!! Part 2===
"...can't...last...much...longer..." Satoshi mumbled to himself as he ran
down the seemingly endless halls of the TR base. The grunts and muffled
curses from the hallway behind him told him that the TR agents were still on
his tail. Satoshi figured that it had been at least half an hour since he
began his not-so-great escape. Ahead of him, Satoshi saw what he needed: a
janitor's closet. He put on more speed, as to make sure none of the TR
agaents could see him, and in one fluid motion, turned to the side and threw
himself into the small area, at once closing the door behind him. Once
inside, Satoshi had time to catch his breath. Once he had calnmed down a
bit, he began to plan his next move. As he glanced around, a note on the
wall caught his attention. It read:
I have deck that has only bug pokemon and NEVER won. What
problems do you think made this deck NEVER win.

Here is my deck:

3 Venonat
2 Venomoth
4 Weedle
3 Kakuna
2 Beedrill
4 Caterpie
3 Metapod
2 Butterfree

 4 Gust of Wind
 4 Recycle
 4 Bill
 1 Energy Removal

24 Grass Energy

Could you please fix my deck, but I only want bug types for the pokemon.
Knowing someone would most likely be back for it, Satoshi fumbled for a
pencil, and, once he had one in his sweaty grasp, he began to respond to the
plea for help.
'We need to slim down on the families a bit. Three evolution lines is a bit
much. Take out the Butterfree line and add another Beedrill. Now, with the
remaining 8 spaces, add in three Scyther and three Pinsir. These guys are
both good fighters, and..well, they LOOK like bugs....Save the two extra
spaces for later.'
'Okay, here's the problem. We have some trainer difficulties. This can be
fixed, however. Drop the 4 Recycle, 1 Gust of Wind and the lone Energy
Removal. In their places, add three Professor Oaks and three Computer
Search. These are both supreme trainers, and no deck should be without them.
Add in two Pokemon Breeder for Beedrill help, and we're all set.'
'24 Grass Energy is a little much. Drop four Grass Energy for four DCE.
They can help charge up all but one oif your families. Here's the final

20 Grass Energy

3 Venonat
2 Venomoth
3 Scyther
3 Pinsir
4 Weedle
3 Kakuna
3 Beedrill

4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
2 Pokemon Breeder
'Hope this helps!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!'
Now satified with his work, Satoshi turned back to the(more important)task
at hand. He could hear footsteps outside, and knew that it wouldn't take
long for the menacing men to find him out. He was desperate. He needed a way
out...a way out...A WAY OUT!! He had it!! Satoshi looked out the keyhole,
and found what he thought(he hoped)he would: a computer control room, right
across the hall. A place like this would have one, what with it being the
home of the most sophisticated crime syndicate in the world....As he thought
about his plan. Satoshi began to think it would work...._If_ he could get to
that room in time. He took out the digivice Tentomon had given him, and
prepared to perform a flying leap...
The TR members had searched all around. The one called Satoshi was nowhere.
Oe of the agents glanced at the janoitorial closet, and the obvious struck
him. Motioning him men into position, they surrounded the door, guns ready,
as their leader flung it open-
-And Satoshi came barreling out in an insane brust of speed. They fired,
but in vain, as Satoshi had already reached the control room across the hall
and had slammed the door shut. They began to fire on the door, and it began
to give-
-But it was too late. Satoshi already had his Digivive plugged into the
data port and was already typing frantically at the computer. Just as the
door was about to give, Satoshi saw that his plan had worked. Releif flowed
through him as he read what the screen displayed:


Satoshi did just that, and all the TR agents saw when the door finally did
give was Satoshi disappearing into the computer screen in a brilliant flash
of light.
When the leader of the small stirke team finally had enough sense to check
the computer screen for anything they might track the Pokemon trainer by, he
saw that all that was on the computer screen were these words:


===The End===
SATOSHI: Ta Da!! You like? Drop me a line at Satoshi@pojo.com and tell me
what you think!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!