*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Back by popular demand...another Story Fix!!

===Prepare For MAJOR Trouble!!===
"Get in there, Poke-punk!!" A black clothed TR member screamed at Satoshi
as he cramed him into a cell not big enough for a dog.
His hands bound, Satoshi could do nothing but stare into the villan's cold
eyes. The TR member offered an evil smirk, and went of his way.
Satoshi sat on the small bunk, and sighed to himself. 'Why do these things
ALWAYS happen to me?' he questioned silently. By checking the clock on the
wall outside his cell, Satoshi saw it had been only an hour since he was
siezed from the Shop and brought, blindfolded, to this secret hideout. There
had been plenty of kids in the Shop at the time, and they all saw their
favorite veteran Pokemon trainer taken by force from his small business.
"It's just a game, kids! Don't be scared!" He had shouted to some of the
younger kids, and they had clapped in delight, buying the lie. But, from the
looks on many of the older youth's faces, Satoshi could tell that not
everyone had bought his story.
Remembering this, Satoshi managed to grasp a paper that was sticking out of
his back pocket. He threw it in front of him, and saw it was the contents of
a deck. _Now_ he remembered. Just before he was thrown into the unmarked van
that TR used to tranport prisoners, someone had shoved a piece of paper into
his pocket. He read the deck list neatly written on the paper.
Dear Satoshi,
       I have already sent you a deck that was completely horrible.  I
updated that one myself.  I admit that I need help with my new deck, which
is called SHADOWS.  I don't have much experience with the TCG so I was
wondering if you could help me out by posting the tune-up. So without
further delay, my deck.

4 gastly (fossil)
3 haunter (fossil)
2 gengar
2 chansey
3 clefairy
2 clefable

2 super potions
2 computer search
3 bill
2 switch
2 professor Oak
3 gust of wind
3 NRG removal
3 super NRG removal

20 psychic
4 double-colorless
'Well,' Satoshi thought to himself. 'I've got nothing else to do...' With
that, Satoshi began to mentally review what he would tell the owner of this

'The Pokemon look good for the most part, but I'm worried about the
Clefairy family. Hitmonchan are still running wild, and one Special
Punch...and it's all over. Try using two Ditto and two Movie Promo Mewtwo.
These guys are a lot better than the metronome twins. I'd also replace one
Haunter with another Gengar. I'll explain later.
The Super Potions must go. They really won't help much at all, and this
deck needs better cards. Take out the two Super Potions in favor of another
Bill and Professor Oak. These guys are pure card drawing power; the more,
the better. Now, remove the Switch and the Energy Removal for four Pokemon
Breeders and another Super Energy Removal. Breeders are a must with any
stage two, IMO, and SERs can ruin your opponent's strategy twice as fast as
regualr ERs.
The energy should work fine. 20 psy is good. The 4 DCE should be great for
Chansey and Ditto, just in case you run into some psy resisitance. Here's
the finished deck.

20 Psychic Energy

4 Gastly(f)
2 Haunter(f)
3 Gengar
2 Chansey
2 Ditto
2 Mewtwo(MP)

4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
4 Pokemon Breeder
3 Gust of Wind
4 Super Energy Removal
Hope this helps! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!'

Satoshi finished, and went over his last words. 'Good Luck...I could sure
use some...' He hit the wall with his head in grief and anger. 'It's not
FAIR!! Why me!? Why always ME??!!' He glanced around, looking for
something...anything to help him out of this tight spot. He finally decided
to try a little trick he'd been practicing on his free time. Half-closing
his eyes, Satoshi began to focus all of his energy into his hands. He began
to think to himself. 'Picture the bonds falling away...picture the bonds
breaking...' Just as suddenly as he'd began, he felt a sensation of heat
around his wrists, and heard a soft *clank* as the chains that had once
bound his hands together fell to the floor. Now free, Satoshi began to untie
his feet. Once that was done, he proceeded to reach through the bars of his
cell and make as much noise as possible. "HEY!!" He bellowed. "HEY!! I
loose over here!! Yooooohhhhooooo!!....Anybody? HEY!"
Almost at once, the TR member that had brought him here rushed over. "Get
over here..." he growled.
He then the mistake of reaching through the bars to grab Satoshi's shirt.
At once, Satoshi grabbed the guard's arm and held it there, while he began
to try a trick he'd learned from a Kadabra that had once served TR. With a
yell, Satoshi switched places with the angery guard. He was now outside the
"YES! It worked!!" Satoshi cried. He was now the only human alive to have
successfully preformed the Matter Exchange!! Now free, Satoshi ran towards
the path to freedom. However, all was not going well. He saw that several TR
members were closely gaining on him. Would he make it to the exit? Or

SATOSHI: Tune in next time!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!