*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Okay, R&R #1 is now coming to a close. After reviewing many
answers(including some that said Bob won)I've chosen this one as the most
explanative(is that a word?). And here it is!!
NOooooOOOoo! Not a Metronome problem!!! *groan*
Well, I don't have a Moltres, or a Clefairy/Clefable, but I think I know
their attacks pretty well. I believe the text for Wildfire is something
along the lines of "You may discard as many fire energy cards attached to
Moltres as you like. For every fire energy card you discard, discard a card
from the top of your opponent's deck."
The text for Metronome is along the lines of "Metronome copies one of the
defending pokemon's attacks, except for its Energy Costs and anything else
required in order to use the attack, such as discarding Energy Cards."
Wizards knew what they were doing, at least in THIS situation. Discarding
energy is not REQUIRED to use Wildfire. If the Clefable was copying Ember or
Flamethrower, there would be no problem because Metronome takes care of the
required discard. But as for the unrequired discard, such as with Wild Fire,
in order for Metronome to copy the effects, the proper energy must be
A similar example is with attacks like Water Gun. Sure, Clefable can copy
Seadra's Water Gun and do 20 damage, but in order to do the full 40 damage,
the Clefable must have 2 water energy attached as well.
The main way to tell what Metronome copies and what it does not copy hinges
on the little words "require" and "may." If you MUST discard to use the
attack, Metronome nullifies the discard. If you MAY discard to use the
attack, Metronome can't help you. The optional benefits of having or
discarding extra energy with your (or your opponent's pokémon) is also
optional with Clefable. If you want to use Clefable your fullest advantage,
Rainbow energy might help you (in addition to whatever energy you're using
for Metronome). It'll give you 10 extra damage if you're copying a Water
Gun-type attack, or you can discard it to fully copy Dark Rapidash's Flame
Pillar and do 10 damage to that benched Charmander.
I hope the explanation was clear!
Rainy the Furry Blue Mock Dragon
SATOSHI: Great job, Rainy!! And, along with sending an answer, Rainy has
also established R&R #2! Here it is!
Ps: I've got a scenario... Let's say you have a Blastoise on the bench, with
a Scyther active. What if you just played a TR Magikarp, danced 3 Energy to
it, and retreated Scyther for it... Now, using Rapid Evolution "counts as
evolving Magikarp" so would you be allowed to use it this turn? Remember
that it'd just been played THIS turn, thus you would not normally be allowed
to evolve it.
People might say that the text on the card is stronger than the rules. This
is what I would think except for that one line "This counts as evolving
Magikarp." Does that mean we are meant to follow the established rules?
Prickly, isn't it?
SATOSHI: Okay, there's R&R #2, but to make it authentic, I'll need to put it
into a story format. Here I go!!
After you defeated his Clefable with a sucessful Dive Bomb from Moltres, Bob
has issued another challenge. This time, he uses his "Raindace Evolution"
deck. With his Scyther, Bob has already Slashed your Moltres for 30 damage.
It is your turn, and you each have one prize left. Let's listen in.

YOU: I'll use Dive Bomb...darn. Tails. Your Scyther survives.

BOB: Okay...<<draws card>>..whaoo!!I'll evolve my Wartortle into a
Blastoise, then play a TR Magikarp. I'll retreat Scyther for free, then
raindance three energy onto Magiakrp, and use Rapid evolution!!<<searches
deck>>I'll evolve into a base set Gyarados!! Give up now, 'cause you're
gonna die next turn!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

YOU: You just played that Magikarp! You can't evolve first turn!! That's not

BOB: But it says this counts as evolving Magikarp, so I can TOO evolve!!
Who is correct; you or Bob?
SATOSHI: Have fun with the next Rules and Regs!! Good Luck and Happy