*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Konichi-Wa, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the grand opening of
one of the newer aspects of my place--The Satoshi' Shop Snack Bar!! Yes,
that's it over there...pretty nice, huh? We serve a nice mix of drinks,
food, and the assorted JUNK food(what's a snack bar without junk food?), so
pull up a bar stool and let's see the deck? Want some Wasabi?
hi, satoshi i hope this time you fix my deck, pleasssssssssse.

ok here's my deck called "blastoise and company"


4 squirtle ( low hp but an attack with a good side effect with damage)
4 blastoise ( you need this guys to pump some water energies)
3 tr magikarp ( way better than the old disgusting magikrap)
2 gyarados ( uiltimate hp and 3 for 50)
2 articuno ( basic and a hard hitter )
2 lapras ( anti-mime a GOOD side-effect with damage)
17 pkmns


4 bill (i love this, which has a 5 rating in the pojo magazine)
3 oak  ( same as above)
3 cpu search (same as above but 0.5 below rating)
4 breeders (grow squirtle grow)
4 ser (it will stall sometime but i don't know if this fits well)
2 plus powers ( those buzzes down in one shot of hydro pump)
20 trainers

23 water energies

60 cards

strategy is same as the other raindance

first take out blastoise in at least two turns if possible one then use the
pkmn power rain dance to pump up some hard hitters and try to get all the
prizes before i deck out.

you may post it if you want but please fix it.
SATOSHI: Hmmm...work could be done to enhance this deck. That's what I'm
here for, so let's do it.

Too many different Pokemon here, IMO. I'd suggest dropping the Articuno for
another Gyarados and Lapras. Gyarados is a great Pokemon, just be careful
about putting out Magikarp too early. Everything else fits well...onto the
Hmm...I also have doubts about the SERs...I think two may do fine. Take two
SERs out for another Professor Oak and Computer Search. Also, I'd suggest
removing the PlusPowers for two Dark Blastoise. When paired with a base
Blastoise...heheh, possible 70 damage on turn two..*drool*...DEATH TO
ELECTABUZZ!!...Oops. Sorry, I guess I went a little overboard...hehe. The
other trainers look good, so onto the energy we go.
23 energy is fine. With six Blastoise in here, this should be perfect.
Rocket has unwillingly spawned a new breed of Raindance...the
'Aggressive-Turbo Blastoise!!' BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! >:D

SATOSHI: That's all for now!! Hmm...I need to ask my stock boy
something...<<in background>>Hey, get over here for a second...exactly what
is 'sushi?' Uh-huh, uh-huh....WHAT??!!! Urgh, I think I'm g-gonna be
sick....Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone....urgh....