*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Blasted TV...<<Smack! Crash! Whack!>>...stupid, stupid cable...oh,
sorry. You have a deck to fix. What-? Oh, I'l explain all that later.
Dear Satoshi,
    I have read your deck improvments and, I truly like them I hope that you
will be able to help me with this one.  The name of it is the cleaner and,
here is the stratagy= to build up Arcanine while staling with magmar(fossil)
and once you get arcanine built up you start the cleaning so the prob is I
cant realy get base out fast nor can i get energy out fast enough also I
have a few more pokemon shuch as charizard and ninetales in it here is the
basic build up of it.


2 Arcanine (cleaner)
3 Growlithe (cleaner brother)
1 ninetales (cleaner wife)
2 vulpix (cleaner sister)
1 Charizard (dust pan)
2 Charmealin (broom)
2 Charmander (sope)
1 Dragonair (vacume)
2 Dratini (dust devil)
4 magmar (soap)


2 bill
3 Pokeballs
2 Potion energys TR
1 full heal energy TR
2 Professor Oak
4 Energy removal
3 computer search
2 gust of wind

17 fire energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
SATOSHI: Okay, if your card tallys are correct...and I believe they
are(unless I passed first grade on a whim), you are one card short. We'll
fix it along the way. Let's get started, eh?
Hmm...usually you aonly want one evolution in a deck like the Cleaner
series: Arcanine. Remove the Vulpix and Ninetales. They are really powerful,
but will not work in a deck like this. Use the two Vulpix's spaces to add in
another Growlithe and Arcanine. Cleaner power to the max!! Heheh. Now, like
I said, one evolution. Remove the Charizard family and the Dratini family
just for the sake of...one evolution. ;) Now, add in three Scyther. You've
already got the DCE in here, so why not? Plus, there's that fighting
resistance....While you're at it, add in two Ponyta. The base Ponyta. DCE
makes for a quick 20 damage, and it IS a fire deck....Hmm, one space left.
Two, if you count the extra space from the beginning. let's move on.
Take out the Potion and Full Heal Energy. Beside being Full Heals and
Potions, they also supply one COLORLESS energy each; both of which are not
needed in this deck. With our now five spaces, add in two Bill and another
Professor Oak. Now, add in another Gust of Wind. Remove the PokeBalls.
PLEASE. We've got three Computer Search in here, so they're not needed. Put
in three Energy Retrieval instead. That's looking good...moving on.
Not much to do here. In fact, NOTHING to do here. With the three Energy
Retrievals, we're fine energy wise.
Nice...beware the Cleaner and his pyro-pals!! >:)

SATOSHI: Stupid TV...oh, I guess I should explain. Looks like my cable
company has decided that Cartoon Network should be a shared network with YET
ANOTHER sports channel. It's been like this for about a year of two now, but
it hasn't hit me hard until I relized that they get cut off exactly when the
2 hour block of anime(Sailor Moon, DBZ, etc.) comes on. Has this happened to
anyone else, or is this just my area? Stupid cable company...Good Luck and
Happy Gaming, everyone!!