SATOSHI: Well, here's the next deck, and--<<loud crashing in
background>>-*sigh* Hey!! Get down from there!! You'll have to excuse my
rocket scientist stock boy over there. We had a repair man over last week to
fix a leak in the roof, and he had to get into the space between the plating
on the roof, and he bumped around a LOT. Ever since then, my little idiot
over there thinks there's a little person living up there. He keeps trying
to shove food through the vent to him, but he always loses his blance
and--<<more crashing>>--urrrggghhh. You get the idea.

4 voltorb
4 electrode(base)
4 zapdos(base)
4 electabuzz

2 chansey


4 bill
3 prof. oak
3 scoop up
2 energy retrieval
2 gust of wind
3 poke trader
3 comp. search
3 defender(?)


19 lightning

My strategy is to get a fully loaded Zapdos on turn two. I have plenty of
card drawing power and comp. search and trader. I have the chansey in case i
need to stall and i can use double edge on turn two. This deck works fine on
haymakers because I can use double edge to take out any haymaker pokemon and
chansey will only take 10 from promo mewtwo. Zapdos can handle Hitmoncan and
any other fighting. I usualy use thunderbolt only when zapdos has damage on
it then scoop him up. Electabuzz is in there cause every lightning deck has
to have him. I have the defenders in there cause all my pokemon do damage to
themselves with at least 1 of their attacks, I don't know if I should
it or not. This deck is fun to play with but it has problems with stall
using Mr. Mime, even though you can barely see them at tourneys any more. I
love to see the expression on my opponents face when i have a fully loaded
zapdos on turn 2.
SATOSHI: Okay, first, this guy gets 1,000,000,000 points for using defender
well. Of course, like on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" the points don't matter.
Anyway, there's still a little fine tuning to be done, so let's get to work.
The pokemon look great. The electrode buzzap power is a great power, and
really helps when powering up powerhouses like zapdos or chansey. Just watch
your opponent's prizes, as you don't want to give him/her an extra prize.
Trainers are also great. To help with the decking probelm, hwoever, I'd try
to fit in a gambler someplace, perhaps in the place of a professor oak, but
I'll leave that up to you. This deck is pretty solid already.
Now, this is where I'd imangine you'd have some trouble. 19 energy is a bit
few, but with three energy retrievals, you shouldn't have much trouble. Good

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!