SATOSHI: Hi! Here's yet another deck for me to dissect!!
Hey Satoshi, I built a pretty good deck but i was wondering, could you make
it better? Here it is:


3 bulbasaur
1 venasaur
1 kangaskhan
2 venonat
1 venomoth
2 scyther
2 pinser
3 nidoran male
1 nidoking

4 bill
2 professor oak
1 energy retrievel
2 gust of wind
1 swich
1 gambler
1 super energy removol
4 pokebreeder
2 poketrader
1 computer search

4 double col.
21 grass energy

the point of the deck is to stall with pinser and scyther while getting
prizes and powering up my heavy hitters with venasaur.once ive got
nidoking,venomoth,scyther,pinser, and kangaskhan on the loose, nothing can
stop me! please feel free to take out a card (probably computer search) for
another nidoking if you want. Thanks Satoshi!
SATOSHI: Okay, we need to get to work. Let's do it!
Okay, the pokemon need the most work. We need to slim down on the singles.
In order to get venusaur out faster, I'm going to remove the
venonat/venomoth family. I their places, add a fourth bulbasaur and two more
venusaur. Now, the nido line really need help. I'll make them 4-3-2, which
means we need five spaces. To get them, we'll slim down on the trainers.
Remove the energy retrieval, switch, gambler, and gust of wind to add in a
fourth nidoran male, three nidorino, and a second nidoking. There. Now that
the pokemon look good, it's on to the trainers.
You're right about one thing; I am going to remove the computer search. One
really doesn't serve much purpose, and we can't spare the room to add in
more. In its place, add another SER. This card is very powerful, and having
two makes it even easier to use. Three is even better, so remove kangaskahn
to add a third SER. His attack is to reliant on luck to use, and we have
enough card drawing power in this deck.  Everything else looks okay, let's
move on.
Energy looks fine. Good job there. =D
Let's look at the finished product:

21 grass energy

4 bulbasaur
3 venusaur
2 pinsir
2 scyther
4 nidoran(male)
3 nidorino
2 nidoking

4 bill
2 professor oak
3 super energy removal
4 pokemon breeder
2 pokemon trader

SATOSHI: Well, there ya have it. This deck should be able to get venusaur
into play really quick, and then it's time to power up the big boys. Good
Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!