>Dear Deck Mechanic, (Doesn't matter who)
>I have a Psy Deck revolving around the new era of Dark Pokemon. Here
>it is, Team Rocket's Psy Army.
>Pokemon: 16
>3x TR Abra
>2x Dark Kadabra
>1x Dark Alakazam
>1 MP MewTwo
>2x Jynx
>2x Fossil Psyduck
>1x Dark Golduck
>2x Jigglypuff
>1x Wigglytuff
>1x Chansey
>Trainers: 17
>4x Super Potion
>1x The Boss's Way
>2x Prof. Oak
>4x GOW
>2x Poke Ball
>4x Bill
>Energy: 27
>27 Psy Energy
>This is NOT a stall deck. The reason Chansey and the Jiggly line is there
>to counter
>the weakness, and Dark Golduck is basically a Kadabra/ Super Bill hybrid.
>(Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
>Greg Lockwood


This deck is too unfocused. The Golduck line is NOT needed at all, and
neither are most of your other pokemon. All you need is Scyther, the Dark
Alakazam line, and a few MP Mewtwos. Drop the Chansey, the 2 Jynx, the 2
Jigglys, the one Wiggly, the 2 Psyducks, and the Golduck. With those 9 slots
open, put in another TR Abra, 2 D. Kadabra, and a D. Alakazam. Going 3-2-1
on stage 2 evolution lines almost never works, especially when they are your
main hitters in the deck. You have 5 more slots open, and like I said, you
need Scythers. Add in 4, they will give you a good, fast punch to anything.
You only have one MP Mewtwo right now, and you need 3. Drop The Boss's Way.
This deck will be fast enough with some improvements I'll be giving it, and
one Boss's Way won't help at all. With those 2 slots left over, add two more
MP Mewtwos in. Now all your Pokemon are finished, leave them like they are.
To your trainers... These need ALOT of help. Almost all of them are not
needed at all. Pokeballs rely WAY to heavily on luck, so drop both. With
those 2 slots, add in another Professor Oak, and Nightly Garbage Run. You
need 2 more Nightly Garbage Runs. Drop all 4 of your Super Potions. With a
fast deck like this, you need no healing cards. Your damage is done fast,
and if you play right you won't get damaged that much, and besides, you'll
have some Scoop Ups(more effective than Super Potions) in here soon anyways.
So, with those 4 slots open, add in another 2 Nightly Garbage Runs, and 2
Scoop Ups. Okay, now we need to take out some energy, 27 is WAY, WAY too
much, especially for this deck. All you need is 18, seriously, so take out
9. With those 9 slots now open, add in another 2 Scoop Ups, which, like I
mentioned, are more effective than Super Potions. Put in 3 Computer Search
too. They REALLY help the speed of your deck. Discarding 2 cards is not a
problem, especially with your Nightly Garbage Runs. With your last 4 slots,
stick in 4 Plus Powers. With these, you can do some extra damage to KO some
pokemon in one hit that you might not usually be able too.

And voila! Your deck is now fixed. Hope to hear from you later.



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