Cover Me

Hey Dux. Can you fix my deck. It's called "Cover Me". There are two
strategies to this deck. First is to cover your weakness and/or to have
resistance or to have the type your opponent is weak to. The second is to get
Wigglytuff to "Do the Wave". I have access to almost all the American cards
so use replace whatever you need to.
        3 Jigglypuff
      2 Wigglytuff
      2 Ditto
        2 Doduo
      1 Dodrio 
        2 Rattata
        1 Raticate 
      1 Snorlax
        1 Clefairy
      1 Clefable       
      2 Hitmonlee
        1 Hitmonchan
      2 Mew (League Promo)
      2 Mewtwo (Movie Promo)
      1 Mr. Mime        
      3 Pokemon Center
        3 Super Potion
        2 Energy Transfer
      1 Professor Oak
        1 Energy Removal
        1 Recycle
        1 Computer Search
        1 Energy Retrieval       
      12 Psychic Energy
        7 Fighting Energy       
        4 Double Colorless Energy


This was the first email i got since i became active again so i was obliged
to fix it.


The pokemon need a little life support.
The trainer set is very odd.
But the energy is decent, if not a little too much.


Jigglypuff line: It's the basis of the deck so it HAS to be a 4-3 line.

Ditto: these are fine.

Doduo line: okay we have 9 colorless pokemon already, i think thats enough.

Rattata line: same as doduo line.

Snorlax/Clefairy line: and the same, yet again.

chan/lee: i like chan in here as he is nice and quick, but i don't see the
point of lee at all. take out the lee's and replace them with chans.

Mewtwo/Mew/mr.mime: ok, if you really want you can keep the mewtwo, but not
the rest. If you want to do that you'll have to take out the chans.

Scyther always goes into my wiggly decks so he's in too.

the listing for the pokemon would be

4 jigglypuff
3 wigglytuff
2 ditto
3 mewtwo/chan
3 Scyther

ok,i'm just gonna list a normal listing of trainers for a wiggly deck.

4 Oak
4 Computer Search
2 Lass
4 Scoop Up
4 Plus Power
3 Gust of Wind
4 Item Finder

and lastly here's the energy

4 double colorless
15 psychic/fighting

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"