(original version)

4 TR Grimers
3 Dark Muks
3 Hitmonchans
3 Scythers

3 Computer Searches
1 Pokémon Trader
3 Energy Retrievals
3 Item Finders
3 Energy Removals
3 Switches
3 Super Energy Removals
2 Bills
2 Professor Oaks
3 Gusts of Wind

12 Grass Energy
5 Fighting Energy
3 Double Colorless

This "Dark Muk" comes courtesy of Aaron Burns. The strategy of it is to get
Dark Muk active and pound on the opponents pokemon, while giving them no way
to retreat. Everything else in the deck is used to back up this strategy.


Switch the TR Grimers out for the Fossil versions, as they have better hit
points, and in my opinion much better attacks.
I'm not sure about Hitmonchan in this deck, as we already have another
pokemon (muk) who already requires to grass energy just to attack at all, so
you may want to consider using Koffing's to keep within the grass theme.


These are fairly well done. It almost has the necesarry searching for this
type of deck, it has the energy removal to lock down a pokemon with muk, and
it has a few utility spells for a nice addition. Take out the switches
though, and pokemon trader, for a few scoop ups and another Oak. For the last
change, take out an item finder and energy retrieval for a couple more bills.


If you decide to use the koffing's you should, of course, replace replace the
fighting energy with grass energy, otherwise stick with this config.

This is what my version would look like.

Email me at "Dux@pojo.com" if you have a questions or comments.

(revised version)

4 Grimers (Fossil)
3 Dark Muks
3 Koffing
3 Scythers

3 Computer Searches
2 Energy Retrievals
2 Item Finders
3 Energy Removals
3 Scoop up
3 Super Energy Removals
4 Bills
3 Professor Oaks
3 Gusts of Wind

18 Grass Energy
3 Double Colorless