The Green Mile

 4 Nidoran (m)

 3 Nidorino

 3 Nidoking

 4 Grimer (base)

 3 Muk (1 base, 2 Rocket)

 3 Pinsir
 2 Kangaskan

 2 S.E.R.
 3 E.R.
 2 Prof Oak
 3 Bill
 2 G.O.W.
 2 Energy Retrieval
 1 Item Finder

 2 DCE
21 Grass

I've always wanted to use a grass deck in a tourney since it is the least
used around here and now that I got to building one I found out it needs a
little more fixing. My plan is to get a pinsir as an active and a nidoran as
my bench. Pumping up nidoran while pinsir is also dishing out some damage
then when they lease expect it here comes the big guns Nidoking (I love this
guy). I think toxic is a powerful move, taking 20 damage after each players
turn instead of 10 is awesome. Muk is here to keep those Damage Swap and Rain
Dance powers in check. My only problem is that I only have one base Muk so I
need to use team rocket Muk. Even his pokemon power is cool. Kangaskan is in
here since I'm really weak against psychic but I hardly have a chance to use
is attack since he is hard to power up with all those energy removals around
so sometimes I end up decking my self when I use fetch. Please fix this

E-mail me at


Two decks in one week. Wow, i'm exhausted.


All these pokemon (aside from kanga's fetch) have horrendously costed
attacks. Any deck that has energy removal would annihilate this deck. So how
do we get around that? Easy, use pokemon that have cheaper attacks.
The trainers really aren't that bad, so i wont fuss much with them.
The energy is the appropriate amount.


Nidoran (M) line: Alright, the only part of this that i'll touch is that
stage one. Nidorino is pretty damn good, but the real purpose of this line is
to get to use nidokings toxic attack. So let's skip the stage one entirely,
using breeders, therefore making the deck that much faster.

Pinsir: Sorry, scyther is still better.

Grimer line: If you want to use either muk you should make the line 3-2.

Kangaskhan: Yes, you do have a weakness to psy pokemon so i wont even touch
this guy.

So we replaced pinsir with scyther, nidorino with breeders... and that's
about it.

The trainers are a little off, but not so much to have to rebuild them. You
may want to try to make room for a couple lass if you can, just to battle the
energy removal.

I didn't want to change the deck that much so i'll end it here.

Hope it helps,

Justusdux "Dux"