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Make it 29
June 28, 2000


I have an winning streak of 28 games, but I have a problem with psychic decks. 
Here it is, I hope u can fix it up.

3 Abra
2 Dark Kadabra
1 Dark Alakazam
2 Promo Mewtwo (he is, in my opinion, the best psychic pokemon there is)
2 Hitmonchan (that's all I can get my hands on)
2 Scyther (read above quotation)

2 Prof. Oak
3 Bill
3 Energy removals
2 Energy retrievals
3 Gust of wind
2 Pluspower
2 Lass

12 Psychic Energy
8 Fighting Energy
8 Grass Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy
My strategy: I get a hitmonchan or scyther out, and start developing abra
into dark alakazam. Then, I try to get out a lass to disrupt my opponent's
hand and take control of the game.

Hmm... can't imagine why you are having problems with Psychic decks *grin*.  Um.. oops, your deck only has *59* cards.... tch tch... Oh well, extra space!


Since all the Pokémon here except Scyther are weak to Psychic, we need to make some changes. Take out Hitmonchan. For quick and heavy hitting let's go with Electabuzz. I would highly recommend you up your Dk Alakazam line count to 4/3/2.


Let's get some search going here. Add some Computer Searches and Item Finders. 3 Gust of Wind... good! GOW is a MUST if you are running M2 Promo. If they are also running Ditto or M2, you MUST get in the first hit. In this situation, it's kill or be killed. Let's add some Scoops to rescue your basics in trouble. I think Night Garbage Run would be helpful here also since you are running tight quantities of Pokémon and this will give you a means to get them back into your deck. It also allows you to run *MUCH* tighter energy counts and open up some slots for more trainers.


Dude! What the heck are you doing with 30 E's ?!? And E Retrieval too?? Goodness! Let's cut these puppies way back, and of course change out fighting for Lightning. Grass is superfluous here, so let's dump it and give you more focus.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - 15
4 Abra
3 Dark Kadabra
2 Dark Alakazam
2 Promo Mewtwo
2 Electabuzz
2 Scyther

Trainers - 25
3 Prof. Oak
3 Bill
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finders
4 Energy Removals
2 Energy Retrievals
3 Gust of wind
2 Pluspower
2 Lass

Energy - 20
11 Psychic
7 Electric


Best of luck!

 ~ Clefairy Doll

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