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Fight Fright
June 28, 2000


Hi I just made this deck and wanted to see if you think it needs help
Pokémon: 18
4 Machop Base
4 Machoke 2 Base/2 Rocket
3 Machamp 1 Rocket(i only have 1) 2 Base
3 Farfetch'd ( the scythers are in  my other deck)
3 Snorlax (good stall Better pkmn Power)
1 Hitmonchan (all the others are in my deck)
2 Bill
2 Prof Oak
2 Switch
4 Potion (could slim these down)
1 Cpu Search
1 Trader
25 Fighting
1 Dce (the rest are in other decks)
As you can see i ave limited resources. The idea of this deck is to use Dark Machamps Fling untill they are down to one pkmn then take it out with Base Machamp/Hitmonchan To win



Well, I picked this deck because it just jumped out at me for some reason. This person has taken limited resources and made a really interesting and  different deck! I like it :) 


Hmmm... well, I realize that you have limited resources, but they aren't *that* limited if you have the Pokémon you need in another deck. Unless you play with 2 decks at the same time *grin*, when you play this deck pull your Scythers and use them here! I'll leave Farf for now, though. You HAVE to get Hitmonchan in here! Dump the base Machamps... your deck loses focus with them. Trade for another Dk Machamp. 

Your biggest worry with this deck is it's vulnerability to Psychic, and Mewtwo Promo is just too prevalent to ignore in today's environment. Snorlax has resistance, but he's a lug with a huge retreat cost and his attack is wimpy for 4E.  A better bet here is Lickitung who at least has a low attack cost and a chance of paralyzation or confusion. Add to that the fact that he is just an uncommon instead of rare, so should be easier to get a hold of. 


Need.... more.... trainers....  Yup, yup. Let's get some live action going by adding in more trainers. Yes, I'd drop some of the potions. You need to get a good search engine going here. We'll add an extra Switch to get past retreat costs. Let's add some Energy Removal too.


Need.... less.... energy....  my goodness, let's drop some of that fighting and make room for trainers! Scavenge your DCEs from your other decks too.

New Deck Listing:

Pokemon - 15
3 Machop Base
2 Dk Machoke
1 Dk Machamp
3 Farfetch'd
3 Hitmonchan
3 Lickitung

Trainers - 23
3 Bill
2 Oak
3 Switch
3 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
2 Scoop Up
3 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Potion

Energy - 22
18 Fighting


Best of luck, and do some trades for the cards you need :)...

 ~ Clefairy Doll

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