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Pinsing Plumes
June 21, 2000


   Howdy! I just got some  Rocket packs and got loaded with Dark
Vileplumes.  So I decided to make one of those new Vileplume
decks.  Since Im very close to going to my first tournament I thought
you could tweak the deck so that I will have a good chance to win.

4Dark Vileplume
4Dark Gloom
4Team Rocket Oddish

4Pokemon Trader

32Grass Energy

The object of the deck is to get Dark Vileplume out early then power up
a heavy hitter like Pinser or Venomoth and beat down on their pokemon.

P.S.please e-mail back this took awhile to type

Howdy back!

Hmm.... Dark Vileplume can certainly be a nasty! But contrary to popular belief, you will still need a good trainer base to get all your components into place in time to disable your opponent's ability to use his trainers. If you wait too long to get Dk Vileplume up, your opponent will already have a good start if he is running a quick deck.


Let's cut out one Dk Vileplume... 3 should be enough. We'll stick with Pinsir, but let's add 4 Scyther for fight resistance and eliminate Venomoth... you have too many pokes with a weakness to fire here, and the extra evolution seems unweildy. To keep the status effect element, let's go with Koffing who sports weakness to psychic. This also opens up 4 slots.


Your trainer base will be extremely focused here. They exist for one sole purpose.. to get your Pokemon into position, ready for Vileplume to be played. Trader is great when you run a high amount of Pokemon as you are. But you will also need a quick search engine. Oak, Bill, Comp Search will all facilitate finding the cards you need when you need them. It's important to get 'Plume out before your opponent is set up and knocking you out. We'll include a Night Garbage Run to get back any key pokemon or energy that you may have to discard in your search attempts.


Let's add some DCE for Scyther and Pinsir. The rest, of course, is Grass.


Once your pokemon are ready with Oddish/Gloom, Scyther, Pinsir, Koffing on your bench and some Energy in your hand, you can introduce your Vileplume and stop your opponent from playing his trainers. A note of caution: you will want to play multiple Oddish/Glooms if possible. It will be too easy for your opponent to Gust them out for a quick kill before you see 'Plume and set you way back. If it still runs too slow with this search engine, add Item Finder to your trainers and replace a couple Dark Glooms with Breeders.

New Deck Listing

Pokemon - 21

4 Rocket Oddish
4 Dark Gloom
3 Dark Vileplume
4 Scyther
3 Pinsir
3 Koffing

Trainers - 13

4 Oak
4 Bill
4 Computer Search
1 Night Garbage Retrieval

Energy - 26

22 Grass

Best of luck, and let me know how it goes with this latest version...

 ~ Clefairy Doll

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