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June 21, 2000



I hope at Thrashfest isn't required on this deck, but
I wouldn't be too surprised if it is. Well, he goes...

4 Fossil Grimer (more HP than TR, Less costly/risky
attacks, less energy requirerments, defensive) bring
out Dark Muk

3 Dark Muk (PP rocks, attack works great with it)
destroy your opponent faster than they can beat on you

4 Venonat (get out Venomoth)

3 Venomoth (Free retreat -then get D. Muk going-, plus
the poison + confusion is nice, PP alows a little
extra damage)

3 Scyther (Don't get me started on the wonders of

3 Gastly (Since Scyther doesn't NEED Grass energy, I
figured another color wouldn't be all bad, and to
combat against guys who dare severly hurt Muk)

Totals: 14 basics and 6 stage ones

Grand Pokemon total: 20


4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Bill
2 Oak
2 Computer Search
3 Energy Search
3 Gust-o-wind

Total: 20

Energy: (Due to the fact that the avarage attack cost
is 1.6, and has a .65% chance of causing a status
affect -poison, more/less damage, paralize- alot of
energy isn't needed)

10 Grass
 7 Psychic
 3 Double Colorless Energy

Total: 20

For changes, I was thinking of PlusPowers, Midnight
Garbage Runs, taking out the Gastlys, adding some
colorless pokes, Itemfinders, Pokemon Traders, and
Switchs. I think this deck has a faint glimmer of
hope, but even that is debatable.

Mold it as you see fit.



Hey, Melange....

Oooo.... you've picked my current favorite Pokemon, Dark Muk. *grin*... No thrashfest necessary :) Best of all, your ideas for changes are right on!

The deck looks well thought out. I will recommend a few changes from experience I've gained through playing Dk Muk over the last 2 months...


A nice base for status effects, though in today's fast environment I might be a bit worried about working 2 evolutionary lines. If you are comfortable with it, keep Venomoth... if you find yourself having troubles getting your evolutions going before you are ko'd, you may consider dropping the 'Moth line and just sticking with Dk Muk. Scyther is a given in almost any grass deck, giving you an excellent starter and free retreat, along with the ability to Swords Dance/Slash on turn 2 since you run DCE. The big questionable Pokemon here is Gastly. If you are looking to protect your Muk line against Psychic, try a colorless with resistance to Psy instead. I'd recommend Chansey, who also happens to give you Dbl Edge protection against Wigglytuff run-ins. This will keep your energy mono with Grass and let you run more efficiently, plus open up a slot.


Key to your trainers is the current metagame environment in your area. If the environment is fast, lean decks, you'll need to speed your engine up from what you are currently running... ie: 4 Oak, 4 Bills, 4 Comp Search, 4 Item Finders, 3 or 4 Night Garbage Run... But since your engine is slower, I will assume the environment is slower in your area. I will recommend you step up to 3 Oaks, however. I love the idea of Energy Removal in this deck... it's a key element in my Dk. Muk. Helps to keep your opponents's active from retreating while Dk Muk's Pokemon Power traps them in the active position. Let's also add in 2 Night Garbage Runs to recycle lost energy and Pokemon when necessary. Energy Search is no longer necessary, opening even more slots. Let's add some Plus Powers for Scyther's Swords Dance/Slash. I'd also like to see some Item Finders to recycle some of your trainers.


We go to mono-Grass and add a DCE due to Chansey and Scyther.


New Deck Listing:

Pokemon - 17
4 Grimer Fossil
3 Dark Muk
3 Scyther
3 Venonat
2 Venomoth
2 Chansey

Trainers - 24
3 Professor Oak
3 Bill
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finders
2 Night Garbage Run
2 Plus Power
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind

Energy - 19

4 DCE (Scyther and Chansey)
15 Grass


Best of luck, and let me know how it goes with this latest version...

 ~ Clefairy Doll

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