Hiya you groovy cat. You'll have to excuse the chartreuse leisure suit
and platform shoes. And watch your head by the coatrack. You don't want
shards of mirror ball lodged in your cranium.

   Every now and again, we here on the 4th floor of this office complex try
to entertain ourselves by having theme days. We've done the Hawaiian thing
before and then there was the time we had the monster truck pull day, but
that just ended in disaster when Dr. Finkelbaum used the Bigfoot to pull out
a patient's upper cuspid.
    As though you hadn't guessed by my fly gear, today is Disco Day. We
gotta give credit to my secretary on this one. It was her idea. Personally,
I think she was looking for an excuse to wear her go-go boots and feathered
boas for an afternoon. But she looks good, as do the Flytraps and the
Vileplume, all decked out in polysester and leopardskin hats. And my Hypno
looks really fly with his 2 foot afro. Don't ask me where he got it. He's
not supposed to leave the office.

   So far it's turned out pretty well. The new-age clinic across the floor
has converted its yoga therapy room into a discotheque. It makes for a
pretty interesting scene to see the martial arts students spar to the tune
of "Kung Fu Fighting". And Samson Hauwitzer P.I., at the end of the hall,
can finally be proud to drive his 1977 Buick Skylark again.

    Grab one of the complimentary gold chains, and groove on into my office.
Get your funky self a chair and let us begin this.

I know, I know, lame title, lame theme. I got bored one day so I
>decided to
>to build an off-the-wall laugh-the-poop-outta-ya theme deck. Well, here it
>is, the product of my own ingenuity, (did I spell that right?) Tupperware
>Par-tayin' Time!
>Pokemon (20)
>2 Ditto: Looks a little like tupperware plastic when melted. (don't ask)
>3 Chansey: The nice Hostess of our quaint little par-tay.
>2 Snorlax: The Fat slob who eats all the finger sammiches.
>4 Abra: Who Knows?
>2 Kadabra: Spoons For Every One! Caution: MAY BE BENT
>3 Alakazaam: Even more spoons!
>4 Scyther: Knives? (Scythes?)
>Trainers (18)
>3 Pokemon Centers: I hope they serve sammiches!
>3 Scoop Up: I can use this for the ice cream!
>3 Item Finders: Always useful.
>3 Bill: One of our Guests.
>2 Prof. Oak: The good Dr. is always welcome.
>2 Pokemon Breeders: Country man who uses tupperware for many purposes.
>2 Computer Search: Have to E-Mail the invites!
>Energy (22)
>18 Psychic Energy
>4 Double Colorless
>It's kind of a stall deck with teeth, if you could put it that way.
>Very, very interesting as some have called it. So, I guess in conclusion,
>the object of this deck is to get prizes with Scyther while Swapping his
>damage over to a sponge. Then, by using either Pokemon Center or Scoop Up
>heal the damage.
>Uh-oh. Chansey is rambling off again about her new Tupperware 3000 home
>Got to go!
>   Tupperware? Man, you sure now how to drag a party. You must have been
>born under a bad sign or something.

    No seriously, this deck is pretty good, only needing a few minor
adjustments, if that.

    The choice of Pokemon is quite nice. I don't normally see Snorlax in
many decks, but he fits the sammitch hog theme perfectly. With a retreat
cost of 4 and an expensive attack, I would maybe consider finding a more
suitable replacement if you get the urge to be really competitive with this
deck. On the plus side, more people are using Dark Muk decks now and Snorlax
slows them down a bit. He does fit well enough though so I'll leave him in.
     The rest of the Pokemon are a nice mixture of Ability, Resistance and
power. It's good to have a staller that can get nasty if pushed. Kudos to
you for picking such a good and themed selection.

     Your Trainers are well chosen too. Damage Swap decks revolve around
Scoop Up, Pokemon Center and Item Finder. I'm glad to see them all in there.
The rest of your choices are good too. While I normally tell people to use 4
Bills, I'm not going to push the issue this time. You really should have 4,
regardless of the fear of decking yourself, but it is not critical here.
     One card I would like to see added is Nightly Garbage Run. In a deck
where you have to keep your card count going while decking the opponent, it
is always favorable to have a way of returning excellent Pokemon and even
more important Energy to your deck. You'll probably need to recycle your
Energy late in the game since many of these guys use 3 to 4 apiece. There's
no Trainers worth taking out here, so it would probably be best to remove
those 2 Snorlaxes and a Scyther for 3 Garbage Runs. This will drop your
Pokemon count to 17, which is a better amount anyhow.

     The Energy is nicely done as well. $ Double Colorless Energies, check.
Psychic Energies, check. You may wish to add 2 Full Heal Energies to
safeguard against poisoning or confusion. They have worked very well for me.

     There is really no point in my making a revised decklist here since I
only made one change with the Nightly Garbage Runs. Just do as I said, and
you'll be good to host that plastic party. It's not the grooviest thing on
Earth, but it's funny. That's always cool.

      You are cured! Please pay the go-go queen of the pogo pit over there
as you leave. Kindly return the gold chain or my secretary will feel free to
leave several of her razor sharpened fingerclaws in your backside. Now if
you'll excuse me, several of us are going to see Shaft.

       Boom, chakachaka boomchaka...Hey, what is everyone doing huddled
around the elevator? Don't tell me to hush up. What's the problem?

       What are you talking about? We're supposed to go see Shaft now. No
we're not. We're not even AT the movies. This isn't Shaft. Huh?

       Oh Elevator Shaft...you guys need help. Serious help. Especially the
ones who brought popcorn.

                             Groovy Luck!!
                           Dr. Crash Landon
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