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>Ok here's my deck. It is called Dragon Rage
>3 x Eevee          3 x Bill             21 x Water Energy
>2 x Vapoereon      3 x Energy removal   4 x Dc Energy
>3 x Seel           2 x Switch
>2 x Dewgong        2 x Professer Oak
>3 x Magikarp       2 x Gust of wind
>2 x Gyarados
>3 x Squitle
>2 x Wartortle
>4 x Staryu
>  The strategy is to get stage one water pokemon that do a lot of damage
>to get them out asap. I added the 4 Staryus incase I couldn't get out any
>my evolvations. I would appreiciate any help you could give me.  Thank you
>your help will be much appreiciated.  You can e-mail me at

   Whoa.  The deck concept is a nice idea, but you went WAY overboard on the
idea.  Like you said earlier, you couldn't pull the evolves out.  Answer: 
Take some of the families out to help pull the rest of them out.  It's the
only way.  Normally, mono-water decks run Raindance style, because it is the
most effective that there is at the moment, but I will try to keep the deck
like the way you built it.
   First thing's first, so I cut the Eevee family.  They really are not that
strong of a family, and there are better water pokemon to replace them. 
That right there opens 5 card slots.  Even if the deck does not become a
"raindance" deck, I still REALLY want to run Blastoise.  I'm trying to
resist it, though.
   The major problem with going Mono-Water is the fact that Electric screws
you like nothing else, especially Electabuzz.  Raindance TRIES to get around
Buzz with cards like PlusPower, or the new Dark Blastoise that can do 70
damage.  You could run Dark Blastoise to help fight this, or you could run
fighting, like either Hitmonchan or the TR Machop.  Both also handle
Mono-Water's other problem...  Mr. Mime.  You see, most Mono-Water
evolves(or most evolves in that matter) cannot kill a Mime.  They cannot
even touch him.  Playing TR Machop or Hitmonchan handles both of these
problems.  My preference would normally be Hitmonchan, but he requires
fighting energy, so I'd play TR Machop.  ONLY play this guy if he is playing
Electric or Mr. Mime, and use him wisely.  He's going to die pretty fast, so
you need him to hit the vital pokemon the right amount so that the rest of
your water pokemon stand a chance.
   In order to open room for him, I'd take out a Staryu and use one of the
Eevee family slots.  With the 4 slots left(right now), I'd put in 2 Dark
Blastoise, and change your Wartortle to Dark Wartortle.  I'd also throw in a
Kangaskhan for chump blocking to buy you some time.
   The next cards are your trainers, which need some changing.  3 Energy
Removals just won't cut it, so I'd take them out.  Now, we have 4 card slots
again(YAY!).  Anyways, I'd also open up a few more card slots by taking out
energy.  Most decks need only 23 energy in the deck to run efficiently, with
a few energy grabbers.  Taking out 2 Water Energy gives us 6 card slots to
work with.
   Since you are playing alot of evolves, I would throw in 2 Nightly Garbage
Runs.  Then you could just put back energy OR some of your precious evolves.
  I'd also throw in another Professor Oak, so that you can keep the card
drawing going.  Also, while I'm at it, change out the Bills for Challenges. 
The deck still runs ALOT of families, so you need the right basics in order
to get the evolves out, and it's an easy way to get out TR Machop if you are
playing against Electric.
   With 3 card slots left, I decided to throw in some manipulation.  I
picked 3 Computer Searches, because not only does it combo well with Nightly
Garbage Run(Throw 2 pokemon or energy away and then throw them back into the
deck), but it will help you pull EXACTLY what you need.  Computer Search is
amazing, and it should work really well with this deck.
   So here's the turn out:
   3 Seel
   2 Dewgong
   3 TR Magikarp(He's just plain better)
   2 Gyrados(The base set is beefy)
   3 Squirtle
   2 Dark Wartortle
   2 Dark Blastoise
   3 Staryu
   2 TR Machop
   1 Kangaskhan
   3 Challenges
   3 Professor Oaks
   3 Computer Searches
   2 Switches
   2 Nightly Garbage Runs
   2 Gusts of Wind
   19 Water Energy
   4 Double Colorless Energy

Well, the deck is better than it was before, but it is still slightly skimpy
on the faimilies, so if you still cannot pull out the higher evolves into
play, I'd take out another family.  Unfortuantely, it then starts to look
like Raindance...  Have Fun.

Livin' La Viva Loca
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