Before I start this fix, I have to say something.  This fix is dedicated to
someone in the pokemon community that recently passed away, Super Jipi.  I
didn't know the guy personally, but many people out there, cared for him, and he made major impacts in pokemon.  The guy
was creative, and didn't have many enemies, if any, at all.  R.I.P. Super Jipi.

>the purpose of the deck is to get unlimited damage my cards are:
>                        pokemon 17:
>1 holo moltres
>1 fossil magmar
>1 base set magmar
>1 growlithe
>1 arcanine
>4 team rocket charmander
>4 charmeleon
>2 dark charizard
>2 base set charizard
>             trainers 16:
>1 first edition foil here comes team rocket
>1 recycle
>1 gust of wind
>1 plus power
>1 switch
>2 gambler
>2 energy search
>1 revive
>1 the boss's way
>4 potion
>1 pokeball
>                                 energy 26:
>1 potion energy
>4 double colorless energy
>21 fire energy
Can you smell what the Chipmunk is cookin'?  Well, if you are smelling
burning Growlithe dung, then you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, because that's
exactly what this deck is.  What does that mean?  Once again, it's time for
the ever-living, carbonated, dressed to unimpress, rejected by the Vatican,
   This deck is supposed to get "unlimited damage" in some way, shape, or
form.  Question:  Do you deal the "unlimited damage", or does you opponent
get to deal you "unlimited damage" while you just sit there?  Common sense
may have kicked in for a second so that you would make you deck 1 color, but
that's about it for what kicked in, besides my foot to your head.  Your
pokemon are more mixed up than the colors in Fruity Pebbles.  I mean, you
can't even USE Dark Charizard, because you have to play Dark Charmeleon. 
Oh, wait, you would have known that if you had read the rules.  Thought you
could just chunk the rules and play anyway, right?  AND YOU RUN 1/1 ON THE
GROWLITHE FAMILY!  Your running the family skimpier than the clothes on
Pamala Anderson on a summer's day.  IT JUST WON'T WORK!
   And I bet your proud of that First Edition Foiled Here Comes Team Rocket,
aren't ya?  Are ya proud of that one Pokeball or Switch, because you only
have one of those, also.  You trainers are more thin than OJ Simpson's
alibi, but unlike OJ, you can't get away with it.  I mean, playing 4 Diggers
in this deck will make it better than what it is now.
   Oh, and that 1 Potion Energy is real smart.  You are going to see Elvis
more often than you will see that potion energy.  And I'm still trying to
see the "unlimited damage" in the deck.   Nope.  Don't see it.  Now it's
time to take this deck and flush it.
   Wow.  You know, that looks sooooo cool when it spins around in the
toilet, seperating and becoming a complete circle.

   Bob:  Having fun, Chipmunk?
   Chipmunk:  Heck YA!  This is sweet.  How come I've never figured this
stuff out before?  I've got to find more stuff that can do that.
   Bob:  Right.  And then you are going to clog up the pot and have to use
some of your dad's wire to get it loose, because a plunger will only make it
more stopped up.
   Chipmunk:  O.O  Okay...  Nevermind the fun, then.  So, then.  Anything
new in the Poke-Enviroment?
   Bob:  Well, WotC is actually starting to think about Ditto, because of
the Ditto/Dodrio combos.
   Chipmunk:  Is it WotC itself, or the DCI?
   Bob:  Sigh.  The DCI.  Whenever a situation appears for this "little kids
game" that needs a major ruling, the DCI takes control and gives the ruling.
   Bob:  Yeah, but they only ask for bananas.  It turns out to be much
cheaper for WotC this way, and none of them will ever learn to ask for a
raise.  It's a win-win situation for them.
   Chipmunk:  It's a conspriacy!  There must be a way to stop it.
   Bob:  Well, on a side note, many of the older Pokemon players are
starting to play Magic: The Gathering.  Pokemon has become the stepping
stone that they wanted it to be to get new people to play the granddaddy of
all card games.
   Chipmunk:  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I've seen some really good players
convert to Magic, and they hardly touch Pokemon anymore.  The problem is
that Magic is a stepping stone to something else...
   Bob:  EverQuest?
   Chipmunk:  I've seen the best in the world give up Magic for EverCrack. 
That game addicts you and hooks you in.  Heck, I don't think some of them
have taken a shower since they started playing EverCrack.
   Bob:  But they never leave their house, so you don't have to smell them
anyways, except for the occaisional meetings where they meet up to talk
about what they did in EverQuest the past week.
   Chipmunk:  Say the name right.  EverCrack, not EverQuest.  And we've got
a group of those in town also.  I just don't get it.  Once a week, you get
up from your computer and talk to people about what you just did on
EverCrack the past week, when half of them were with you when you did it in
the first place.  It turns into a "you shoulda been there" theater.
   Bob:  Once you start playing EverQuest, you'll understand.
   Chipmunk:  Me?  EverCrack?  Don't think so.  Then I'd become dumber than
the DCI.  Besides, Diablo II is coming out in a month.  Then I'll be
addicted to that game.
   Bob:  Riiiiight.  Oh, and one more thing.
   Chipmunk:  What?
   Bob:  The DCI won't be directly judging the Qualifier Tournies.
   Chipmunk:   AWW MAN!  That crate of Bananas are going to be useless then.
  I guess I have to win with skill, then.  Who needs EverCrack to suck up
your life when there is Qualifiers for Pokemon to suck it up for you.
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