>  Dear Chipmunk,
>    This deck has done good for me,(Beating 2 Gym Leaders)but I was beaten
>by a guy with Dragonite.It seems to me that this deck can't take heavy
>damage.That is why I need help.I couldn't think of a cheap way to prevent
>damage.Poke Centers can't self-recycle like the Erica trainer the Dragonite
>guy had.I need some help.Here's what the deck is so far:
>4xTR Grimer
>1xDark Muk
>3xProfessor Oak
>1xComputer Search
>1xItem Finder
>4xEnergy Removal
>3xGoop Gas Attack
>3xGust of Wind
>16xGrass Energy
>7xPsychic Energy
>2xFull Heal Energy
>Not to upset you,but you see,I've used up all my allowance on Boosters and
>don't have a large collection,so please try to use uncommons and
>The stategy:The stategy is basicly to prevent your opponent from doing
>damage to you while you hurt them badly with Muk or Scyther.The problem
>can't find a cheap way to distract without Super Energy Removals.Would you
>please help?
>                                                         Sincerely,
>                                                         Nidoking 007

The deck looks pretty good, but needs some things changed up in it.  You
seem to like killing Poke-powers, but you are definately going overkill on
this one.  I'd cut the Goop-Gas Attacks and change one of the Muks to Dark
Muk.  Also, you deck is extremely weak to psychic.  This is bad, especailly
with sponge decks running rampant out there.  Mew is fine for now, but if
you get anymore allowance money, I'd invest in Mr. Mime.  Yes, he's weak to
Psychic also, but his poke-protects him from major fatties.  BUT, you have
to remember to not play Base Set Muk while Mr. Mime is in play.
   Okay, so we have 3 card slots open right now.  What to do, what to do. 
You've been saying you are having a hard time with Energy Removal,
especially of the super kind.  If you can, and you should be able to rade
for these easily, get 2 more Lass.  Lass is great, and THE best trainer in
Pokemon right now.  If they don't have the SER in their hand, they can't
play it, can they?  And with this idea in mind, the last card slot I would
add a 4th Oak.  From my extensive playtesting, I've found out that many
times, even if you are on top when you Lass, it's who-ever hits their
recovery first gets a major advantage.  The 4th Oak will help speed your
deck up, and help you recover.
   Also, I really don't like the random Item Finder, but I'll keep it in for
ya.  One thing that would be a good idea is to take 4 energy out.  1 Psychic
Energy and 3 Grass Energy.  Why?  Because, even against heavy energy
removal, I'm going to add some key cards to help you fight it.  Add 2 Energy
Retrievals and 2 Nightly Garbage Runs.  This effectively lets you recycle
just about any of you energy and key pokemon.  Plus, against Energy Removal,
you get TONS of energy back by doing this, and they will run out of Energy
Removal before you run out of energy.
   Well, those are the fixes.  The deck looked pretty solid, and congrats on
beating 2 gym leaders.

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