>This is a new deck tha I made up last night...I made it when I was bored
>around 2 a.m., so It probably deserves a good thrashing!  It uses Sleep!
>other cards to put the enemy to sleep, and then use Haunter's Dream Eater
>attack.  Well here's the deck.
>4 TR Oddish (for Sleep Powder, and Attacking with Poison)
>1 TR Grimer (For Poison ((Though should be Sleep)) Gas)
>1 Lickitung (To stall, Lickitung is my FAVORITE)
>2 Fossil Gastly (Better than base)
>2 Base Gastly (Yes, base.  I decided to try it out for Sleeping Gas, and It
>4 Base Haunter  (Read deck strategy)
>1 Fossil Gengar (Just for a little power)
>1 Jigglypuff (For Lullaby and psy-resistant Pokemon)
>4 TR Drowzee (Read strategy above)
>1 Dark Hypno (For some more power)
>Trainers(11) (I know it's small)
>2 Bill (No explanation, I realize 2 is small, but I don't notice while
>2 Oak (Same as Bill)
>4 Sleep! (Read strategy above)
>2 Item Finder (For getting back Sleep! or Oak)
>1 Switch (In case I get put to sleep or something)
>1 DCE (For Lickitung and Jiggly)
>11 Grass Energy (Duh!)
>16 Psychic energy (Duh!)
>1.  Should I add MP Mewtwo?
>2.  Should I take out all grass for more things?
>3.  Should I add more trainers or take out Pokemon?
>Thanks Chipmunk, and keep on thrashing! (but not here :) )
About a month before TR came out, El Ravager and I started working on new
deck arch-types.  This was one of the first ones that came to mind.  Based
off of cards that put them to sleep during your turn, you basically dished
out damage with haunter.  The deck was EXTREMELY coin-flippy, and you needed
a decent amount of luck for things to go your way.
   First, you can splash in a 2nd color, but the deck has to mainly be
psychic and colorless.  Anything else just doesn't seem to work for some
reason.  Grass just doesn't seem like it cuts the cheese to well, so I'd
take it out.  Someone that does work well splashed it Electabuzz.  One of
the major reasons that this guy is one of the beat pokemon in the game is
his splashibility.  You only need 1 Electric Energy to use his attacks,
including Thunderpunch, so you only really need to have 2 Electric Energy
per Electabuzz in your deck.  Basically, 3 Buzz's and 6 Electric or 4 Buzz's
and 8 Electric.  It just works out perfectly this way.
   Also, in order to get the deck to work like it is supposed to, you need
to streamline a few of the cards.  Don't have many cards that you have 1 of
in the deck unless the work perfectly this way.  And the first thing I will
to use Gastly, use Fossil Gastly.  I would run the family 4/4, like you have
done, but you don't really need Gengar.  He's nice, but you don't really
need him.  The same goes for Hypno.  The guy is great, but you need the
Drowzee's to constantly use the pokemon power.  Also, this deck cannot
stall, so I'd definately take out the Lickitoung, and also the Jigglypuff. 
TR Drowze is the only one weak to psychic, and he can handle any Mr. Mimes. 
Also, IMO, I'd play Mr. Mime in the deck.  Your biggest problem is most
likely going to be Wigglytuff, and if anything, Mr. Mime helps you stall up
so that you can actually set up to get rid of Wigglytuff.  So, I've decided
that your pokemon should be this:

4 Fossil Gastly
4 Base Set Haunter
4 TR Drowzee
3 Mr. Mime
4 Electabuzz

Personally, if you don't like Mr. Mime, you can switch him out for MP
Mewtwo.  The decision is up to you.
   Your trainers need a MAJOR revamp, though.  Now, you don't have many
trainers in the deck, but this can be changed.  El Ravager and I have
basically figured out that most decks only need 23 energy to wrok
effectively.  So, let's do that to this deck.  Now we have 6 card slots open
to us.  I'd switch out the Bills with Challenges and add a third Challenge. 
This card will let you completely set up, and will work just like a Bill
later.  You definately need Switch in the deck, and in many multiples.  Full
Heal is just not as versitile as Switch, and you could just switch in a
Fossil Gastly and then retreat for free, making it like a Full Heal.  I'd
add 2 more to what you have, making the leftover card slots drop to 3.  What
to do with 3 card slots, huh?  You need a 3rd Oak, so that cuts it down to 2
card slots.  I'd also add in 2 Nightly Garbage Runs, becuase the card will
work great.  You can get back any lost pokemon, and with Challenge, they
just come right back out again.
   There are 2 other cards I want to add in, but I'll let you decide what to
take out for them.  1 is a random Computer Search, and the other is a random
Pokemon Center.  Both of these cards work well with just 1 in the deck, so
they definately belong, especially the Pokecenter, since most of your
pokemon have low HP, and you can get you energy back easily with NGR and
   Now, you only need to fix up your Energy.  Like I said earlier, run 8
Electric Energy because of Electabuzz.  Also, since you ahve many cards that
put your pokemon to sleep, Full Heal energy is definately an add-in.  You
really don't need DCE, so you shouldn't put them in the deck.  The rest of
the deck can be Psychic energy, and if you want, you can try out a few
potion energy, since they work wonters with Gastly's Energy Retrieval(don't
remember real name) and Mr. Mime AND Electabuzz.
   Well, there you go.  The deck is pretty chancy, but you can definately
try it out.

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