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From: F12osty10@aol.com
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 02:44:15 EDT

>Dear Aaron,
>I would like to know if my deck is good enough to win a tournement.
>Here's my deck:
>4 Jigglypuff
>3 Wigglytuff
>3 Hitmonchan
>3 Movie Promo Mewtwo
>3 Scyther
>4 Pluspower
>3 ER
>2 SER
>3 GOW
>4 Bill
>1 Professor Oak
>3 Potion
>10 Psychic Energy
>10 Fighting Energy
>4 DCE
>My strategy is to use Hitmonchan and Scyther to protect Jigglypuff till he
>turns into the "Mighty Wigglytuff". The i use Wigglytuff or Movie Promo
>Mewtwo to get the rest of my prizes.


I'm currently working on a deck using Promo Mewtwo and Hitmonchan and I've found some pretty cool "tech" in Switch.  These 2 Hay Pokemon work well together, although there are plenty of Pokemon out there with resistance to both Fighting and Psychic.  If you get a powered up Mewtwo and your opponent brings up a Chansey to stall, use Switch instead of Scoop Up to bring up Hitmonchan.  This way you still have a powered up Mewtwo on the bench incase the opponent brings up a Scyther to combat Hitmonchan... get the idea?

Hope this helps... have fun!

P.S.  Who in their right mind only uses 1 Oak in a Wigglytuff deck?