Hey Pojo and anybody else who might read this.  Before I start jabbering, I don't care if you post it on the site or not, it probably won't make any difference at all, I just wanted to speak my mind.

It stands alone...

Here's the low-down, I've been playing for two years and now everything is bad, blah blah blah, I'm sick of that and I'm sick of whiny people complaining that the current state of Pokemon is awful! But please, don't take offense, I mean nothing again'st these people I just disagree. The current state of Pokemon is great!  With the Neo Genesis and Discovery came a whole new world of possibilities, why would anyone dislike the current state of Pokemon? Because people are like people, we want things to stay the same but what's the point in that? The day's of Haymakers, Raindancers and damage swap are gone? Is that what people are whining about?  EVERYTHING IS STILL PLAYABLE! You just have to play it right!   Plus, adding to the old world of the TCG comes new exciting ways to change the game, with every set comes a new challenge, a new battle, the game lives on!  I have been playing since the first day my card store got the TCG, I played the hay, the Raindance, the Damage swap, I chased the jungle and my deck's where better, things were different and the TCG was better.  And some would say new things like Igglybuff destroy it all, but they don't there are always way's to defeat everything!  Along with the Igglybuff came a Umbreon that can knock at a bay on the bench without the coin flip! The TCG will live on!

Pokemon is in it's darkest days, people influenced by others that whine about the state of Pokemon are leaving and Pokemon is crumbling, BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TOO!  Pokemon is one of the greatest games of all time and it can never leave the playing field, Pokemon has brought many people many things, good and bad, but if we choose to live in the days of only base set and Scyther we will not be able to go on playing, if there was never a new set, we would never see the dawn of a new era in the Pokemon TCG.  In truth, we cannot live without change as humans, though some people try, the world changes, just like the games we loved most as children, please, open your eyes and let the Pokemon TCG rule supreme over the field of TCGs once again!

Thanks for reading Pojo, i really appreciate all that you guys do for us.

If you want to contact me please send me and e-mail at dragonjedi_2000@hotmail.com

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