Hello everyone...time for me to punch out a deck fix for ya. Let's see what
we're got to work with this week:
Hai!! Satoshi....can you help me? I think my deck is doing well,but I always
decked out...Please help me!!!!!!!!
Dark Slowbro-1
MP Mewtwo-2
Energy Charge-3
Goop Gas Attack-2(to stop Erika`s Dratini)
Hmm...this deck already has a solid beginning, but there is a bit of fine
tuning to do.
First, let's ditch the Dark Slowbro...there's no reason for it to be here,
and it's mediocre at best, so out it goes. Use its place to add in a fourth
Slowking. Next, let's remove the MP Mewtwo. Sneasel and other dark types
have too much of a stronghold on the metagame these days, so Mewtwo won't be
doing much good. Add in two Cleffa in its place. Finally, we're going to
need a good backup hitter. Let's take out the Ditto for two Rocket's Zapdos.
We're done here; let's move on.
Ok, first ditch the Goop Gas. They are not needed here, trust me. In their
place, add in two Itemfinder. Next, take out 8 Psychic Energy for 2 more
Itemfinder, 2 Gust of Wind, 3 Energy Removal, and 1 Lass. Finally, take out
2 Energy Charge for two more Lass.
The Energy just needs a minor adjustment. Change the remaining 8 Psychic
Energy into 8 Lightning Energy for Rocket's Zapdos.
Obviously, we won't be attacking with Slowking in this deck. Our goal is to
have 2 or 3 Slowking on the bench by turn three with a fully pumped Sneasel
up front. This way, you're free to smack up your opponent while they
struggle to use their trainers.
That's all for now. Good luck and happy gaming!