I'm here!
Sorry for my absence, all. My phoneline has been giving me hell, so half the time I can't even stay online, let alone concentrate on a deck fix. But huzzah, here I am! *peasant rejoice*
This is another AOL IM deck fix...this one comes to me via Shadow Huntah, a great Pojo IRC regular person thingy. =/ He was trying to fix his mic throught the fix, so..uh...things get a bit wierd. =/

3 jigglypuff jungle
3 wigglytuff jungle
3 electabuzz base
2 rockets zapdos
1 scyther
1 sneasel
2 cleffa
3 promo mewtwo movie
2 computer search
3 e.r.
2 gold berry
2 bill
2 plus power
3 oak
1 lass
1 scoop up
1 gust of inwd
4 d.c.e
9 electric
8 psychic
2 Dark energy

PojoMechanic: since SH has stopped collecting, this will be a pre-Neo2 fix

ShadowHuntah: can you hear me?

ShadowHuntah: >_<

ShadowHuntah: dang mic

ShadowHuntah: yeah

ShadowHuntah: =/

PojoMechanic: let's see, while SH amuses himself while trying to fix his mic, I'll be fixing his deck =/

ShadowHuntah: >_<

ShadowHuntah: yeah =\

ShadowHuntah: wth...

PojoMechanic: ok, kill the Sneasel

ShadowHuntah: =\

PojoMechanic: with no, repeat, NO Dark Energy, Sneasel is dead weight

ShadowHuntah: then kil the dark enegry righT?

ShadowHuntah: duh =o

PojoMechanic: add another Scyther in his place

ShadowHuntah: say something

ShadowHuntah: k

ShadowHuntah: =o

ShadowHuntah: DANGIT

ShadowHuntah: this mic can go to heck >=(

PojoMechanic: ...

PojoMechanic: anyways...

ShadowHuntah: great now i cant hear you

ShadowHuntah: i cant hear you =o

PojoMechanic: the rest of the pokeymen look good...so let's move onto the Trainers

PojoMechanic: yes

ShadowHuntah: =/

PojoMechanic: ditch the bill for two more Computer Search and then nix 2 Psychic and 2 Electric Energy for another Oak and three Itemfinder. After that, kill the Scoop Up for a second Lass, and we're looking good

PojoMechanic: This is what an old school deck looks like-who remembers old school, kids? *hands go up in the crowd*

PojoMechanic: =/

ShadowHuntah: i dont got any of those cards :x

ShadowHuntah: nobody in our school plays

PojoMechanic: Thanks for stopping by Huntah; always a pleasure. Good luck and happy gaming, everyone!

PojoMechanic: Wave bye bye Huntah

ShadowHuntah: =/

ShadowHuntah: bye...=\

ShadowHuntah: but wait =o

ShadowHuntah: should i get 2 more sneasels

ShadowHuntah: and 2 more dark

ShadowHuntah: =o

PojoMechanic: no

PojoMechanic: we started over, 'member?

ShadowHuntah: what do i do about the dark energys

ShadowHuntah: =o

ShadowHuntah: =/

PojoMechanic: uh

PojoMechanic: what Dark Energies?

PojoMechanic: =/

ShadowHuntah: i have 2 >=O

PojoMechanic: where?!

PojoMechanic: *looks*

ShadowHuntah: in my deck =o

ShadowHuntah: thats why sneasels in there

ShadowHuntah: *nods*

PojoMechanic: kill them for another Pluspower and Lass

Yes, that was edited for content */me stares at pottymouth Huntah* lol j/k ;) Good luck and happy gaming!

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