Yo Rain, can you fix my deck? Its for the WCSTS im also using it in the QT nearest to me. I appreciate you helping me rain since this is the second time I ever sent in a report to the deck Mechs. Well the first time I CCed(carbon Copyed) my report to 2 mechs and neither of them answered it. Actually I BCCed it (Blind Carbon Copied it). So I hope you answer this. So please help me.   Here's my deck
1xBrocks Mankey Lv.10
4xPr. elm
2xSecret Mission
2xWarp point
2xfocus Band
1xMisty Wrath
2xNightly Garbage Run
Ok now the stradegy is to get SlowKing out fast(turn 2-5)so my opponent is deprived of trainers there for it slows them down while Im powering up my steelix. while Im ennergizing steelix Im attacking with R.Zapdos or stalling with cleffa. The metal  energys are their for steelix, Rockets Zapdos or I sometimes use them for cleffa. Focus band is their mainly for Cleffa but i can use it on anyone. The single Mistys wrath is for speed and the NGR are to retrieve cards I lost from Mistys Wrath. Secret Mission is for Draw power and warp point is for switch and gust of wind in one card.( I hate double gust). The rainbow is to activate goldberries and incase I get no metal I will use rainbow. Wooper is to get rid of little cyndaquils and blaines Growlithe early.Oh and get rid of other rockets Zapdos Brocks Mankeys taunt is like a gust of wind. Well Thats all See what you can do..
Thanks..and have a good day    


- Pokémon
Drop the Wooper and one Rocket's Zapdos. =\

The energy looks good. But since we cut a Rocket's Zapdos, cut 2 Lighting Energy. That will leave us with 4 slots total. Play one more Rainbow Energy. We'll use the 3 slots for Trainers...

- Trainers
Drop both Secret Mission, both Warp Point and both Focus Band. Go... 3 Double Gust, 2 Lt. Surge, 2 EcoGym and 2 more Gold Berry. Double Gust and the Lt. Surge combo works pretty well in this format...not great, but decent. EcoGym can help Steelix out against Blaine's Charmander (kindle). Maxing out on Gold Berry is a must when you're running Steelix and Rocket's Zapdos.

Right now, we're playing 17 Trainers...which is extremely low. Go ahead and drop that 7th Lighting and get that Misty's Wrath back. Hmmm, we have one more slot left (I can't count ;P). Go a 2nd Misty's Wrath.

By the way, make sure you use the Southern Islands Onix. It has the potential to do 40 damage for 2 Colorless. ;x

It should now look something like this...

| WCSTS QT - Steel Wall |

- Pokémon (23)

4 Cleffa
4 Slowpoke (NG)
4 Slowking
3 Onix (SI)
3 Steelix
2 Rocket's Zapdos
2 Murkrow
1 Brock's Mankey Lv. 10

- Trainers (19)

4 Professor Elm
4 Gold Berry
3 Double Gust
2 Lt. Surge
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 EcoGym
2 Misty's Wrath

- Energy (18)

6 Lighting Energy
4 Metal Energy
3 Darkness Energy
3 Rainbow Energy
2 Recycle Energy

Good luck at the WCSTS QT's!! :O