Okay, let's see what we have to work with.
Hey Satoshi. A friend of mine said you are really good at this. Anyway
my deck, I've done pretty good with it, except i dont think it's good enough
yet. The idea is to use mr. mime as the main fighter then use alakazam and
chansey to keep him alive, as well as slowbro.

4 abra
3 kadabra
1 alakazam
3 mr. mime
3 gastly fossil
2 haunter fossil
1 gengar
1 chansey
3 slowpoke
2 slowbro
1 kangaskhan
1 scyther

4 energy removal
3 bill
2 super potion
2 potion
1 computer search
1 scoop up
1 gust of wind
1 mr. fuji

20 psychic energy
Hmm...I don't sense a lot of direction with this deck. You seem like you're
all over the map; Bench Destruction, Stalling, and simply attacking. Let's
re-focus this monster.

First of all, get rid of the Slowpoke and Gastly families. They just don't
cut it in this deck, and as much as I like evos, three lines is crazy.
Instead, let's add in 2 more Alakazam and three more Chansey-yes, we're
going for stalling here, folks. Now, we're going to want some attacking
forces as well, so with the five spaces we have left, let's add in 3 neo
genesis Clefairy and 3 Clefable. Let's next remove the Kangaskahn for a lone
Narrow Gym to counter Sprout Tower. These guys pack one heck of a wallop
around the tourney scene these days, so having them around is a good
thing-especially with all the Steel Edge going around. Next, nix 4 Psychic
Energy for 3 lv60 Mewtwo for some good damage and a Pichu to take care of
any menacing Unown Ns.

Next, the trainers...oh boy. =/ Take out the Potions, Super Potions, one
Energy Removal, the Bills and the Mr. Fuji. With the nine spaces, add in
four Professor Oak, 3 Computer Search, and 2 Itemfinder. Now nix six more
Psychic Energy for another Itemfinder, 2 Berry, and three Pokemon Center.

10 Psychic Energy should be okay for this deck.

Well, that's all for now. Good luck and happy gaming!