My name is David, one of Jason's (Ness') friends.  He told me to send a deck to you for fixing.  Well, here's my deck... it's your regular kind of haymaker, I guess...
Pokemon - 15
3 Electabuzz
3 Scyther
2 Gligar
2 Erika's Dratini
3 Cleffa
2 Igglybuff
Energy - 15
8 Lightning Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Recycle Energy
Trainers - 30
4 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
4 Professor Oak
3 Lass
3 Gold Berry
2 Gust of Wind
3 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Pluspower
1 Celadon City Gym
The focus is to get out whatever poke I need based on what my opponent has.. Erika's Dratini for stalling early game if necessary.  I think its fairly simple.
Thanks, David

Hey David, Thanks for the deck.
And yes, he's right, Ness and I both got a friend of ours and sent one of their decks to the other.  I took my friend Greg's deck and sent it to Ness, and he took this deck from David and sent it to me.  Should make for an interesting fix!
I have a couple good ideas for this deck, make it a little bit unique and unusual.  I hope you wont mind :D.
Pokemon: First off, Electabuzz and Scyther are NOT necessary.  There is a much stronger Scyther counterpart in the Neo 2 set, with the attack Fury Cutter.  For just 2 Grass, it can do 90 damage.  Plus it has a retreat, which makes it a lot tougher in the Pokemon TCG, and can take more of a beating from the Dunsparces and Weedles that plague the current Pokemon Metagame.
Also, dont bother using Cleffa, nobody ever uses trainer disruption anymore.  Cut all 3 Cleffa for 3 Clefable.  I think Clefable works a LOT faster if you dont bother to evolve, that way you can do a Turn 1 Metronome.
So for now, our pokes are 2 Neo 2 Scyther, and 3 Clefable.  To combat Scyther's Fire Weakness, I think you should have AT LEAST 4 Jungle Bellsprout.  If you can get more, put more in there.  If you don't happen to have any Jungle Bellsprout, I'm sorry, but you cannot win.
I will stress this day in and day out... JUNGLE BELLSPROUT/NARROW GYM combo wins games.  How you ask?
Bellsprout has an attack that reads "Call for Friend."  This way, you can completely load up your bench with Jungle Bellsprout ready to give a beating.  If SOMEHOW, your Active Bellsprout takes any damage, just retreat it for free (If your opponent says Bellsprout has a retreat cost, spit in his eye and refuse to play), and then NARROW GYM.  You see what happens? :D.  Hehe, I know, it's a sick combo... I thought of it myself.  I'm smart.  Mommy said so.
In a Haymaker, we need low attacking basic pokemon... so add 3 Blaine's Moltres because of it's ability to attack for cheap (IT ONLY REQUIRES ONE TYPE OF ENERGY, A LOT BETTER THAN MISTY's GOLDUCK), and to go back in your deck depending on a flip.  It's very strong, and very situational, which is what everybody looks for in a strong haymaker pokemon.
Why in the heck would you play Gligar and Erika's Dratini.  All Gligar is good for is attacking the always popular Colorless Pokemon for very cheap and having a resistance to itself, big whoop.  It's weak to Grass, and as we all know, Grass is, has been, and always will be the strongest type of deck in Pokemon, Magic, MLB Showdown, Magi-Nation, and Solitaire.
Erika's Dratini is also good in stopping basic pokemon, but nobody ever attacks with basic pokemon anymore (except you, cause you're gonna be this Tech Rogue pokemon player with all the strange moves, and you will never lose, i guarantee it, not after this fix, no sir).  So don't bother with that card either.
So far, we've got about 12 basic pokemon, assuming you don't play any more than 4 Bellsprout.  I think we can add a LITTLE bit more here.  We don't want to overdo the amount of basic pokemon.
Add 7 Brock's Mankey for TecH in case you play against any Slowking, and need to gust them out.  Also, 4 Tech Clefairy in case one of the Cleffa you ARENT playing gets trapped by a Murkrow Lock.
OK, 23 Pokemon.  Not bad.
Energy: Oh God, this needs to be completely redone, I've never seen such terrible work in my life.  As you know, in a Haymaker, you're supposed to play with LOW Energy.  15 is way too much, you cant play any more than 38 energy.  Add in 18 Grass Energy, 13 Full Heal Energy, 4 Potion Energy, and of course, for the always important TecH, add 3 non-existent Ice Energy.  That is 38 energy, the bare minimum.
Trainers:  These look good.. I just wanna make a couple minimal changes.
Drop ALL THE TRAINERS.  Add 3 Tickling Machine (because when your opponent loses access to his cards for one turn, he cries, and you win.... somehow).  Also, add 10 Lt. Surge and 10 Koga for no other reason than they're really handsome, and good Pokemon Trainers.  We're currently at 23 Trainers, which leaves us room for a few bare essentials.
Add 2 Secret Mission, but here's the combo... when you use it, dont discard anything from your hand.  It freaks out your opponent and he gets confused and he makes a lot of stupid mistakes while you're playing and you will easily take the win. 
Lastly, add 3 Youngster.  It's a new card that came out in 1st Edition Base Set, that reads:
Youngster - Rare - If your opponent is not wearing shorts, draw a Prize.  If you are not wearing shorts, your opponent draws a prize. 
This is a really good card to add in Winter Tournaments, cause you can just be strong and wear shorts and draw prizes nonstop. 
10 Recycle to get these back too.
Ok, here's the final deck count David, hope you like the revised deck.
Pokemon: 23+
3 Clefable
2 Neo 2 Scyther
4+ Bellsprout
3 Blaine's Moltres
7 Brock's Mankey (w/ Taunt)
4 Neo Clefairy
Energy: 38
18 Grass Energy
13 Full Heal Energy
4 Potion Energy
3 Ice Energy (tech)
Trainers: 39
3 Tickling Machine
10 Lt. Surge
10 Koga
2 Secret Mission
3 Youngster (Winter!)
10 Recycle
1 Goop Gas Attack (added last minute for those evil Igglybuff stopping your pokemon from using the Pokemon Powers they don't have)
Strategy: Win
Good luck!