This deck entitled Wrath of Slowness
Thanks Bill :P
Hello,My deck is a deck that can beat them all this deck is called so if you
relly want to win then you should read this deck...
                                     Slowkings dark powers
pokemon x18

Slowking                      x3
Sneasel                       x4
cleffa                           x4
slowpoke                     x4
magby                         x3
Trainer  x14
Energy Removal           x3
Super Energy Removal  x2
sprout tower                 x2
proffessor elm               x2
proffessor oak               x1
master ball                    x1
pokemon trader             x3
Energy x28
Dark Energy                  x4
Rainbow Energy             x4
Psychic Energy             x20

Mmm.. a Slowking.. a poorly built one at that.  You cant possibly expect to get a reasonable amount of Slowking out, as well as get a Sneasel charged up, with a low amount of trainers such as that.  Let's see if I can help you out, since I'm not all that good with a Slowking =\. 
Pokemon: Cut One Sneasel, Add One Slowking.  You NEED To play the full 4-4 evolution line when using Slowking, to ensure getting it out.  You can cut the Cleffa to 3, to prevent your opponent just knocking babies off left and right.  Umm, WHY are you playing Magby?  You don't want to stop pokemon powers from working, YOURE USING THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.  Cut all 3 Magby, and add 2 Igglybuff and 2 Scyther.  Igglybuff is there to stop perhaps an opposing Slowking or other harming powers (i.e. Unown D).  Scyther is a last resort backup hitter, Sneasel SHOULD be doing all the hitting.  That gives us a total of 18 pokemon, 14 of which are basic.
Energy:  Psychic like WHOA.  Cut ALL The Psychic energy, since you will NEVER EVER be attacking with Slowking.  IF it gets moved to the active position, you will be RETREATING IT.  That's all I have to say about that =\.  Add 4 Double Colorless Energy for Scyther, Cleffa, and a retreating Slowking.  That's 12 energy.
Trainers:  OK, here's where the work comes in.  Let's just completely start over in this area. 
4 Computer Search, 4 Item Finder, 3 Professor Oak, 3 Professor Elm.  This is IMPORTANT.  You don't want to be full of Oak, because you could come across a situation where you have a pile of Darkness or Rainbow energies in your hand and you dont want to discard them.  Elm instead.  Get the cards back, and a new hand.  IMPORTANT.
As far as other important trainers go, let's add 2 Gust of Wind for disruption purposes.  Here's 2 great examples why.. 1. Last time I was playing AGAINST a Slowking, I'd have easily lost if he were playing Gust of Wind, because I was charging up a Rocket's Zapdos on the bench.  He didn't have any, I ko'd Sneasel, game, set, match.  2. Last time I was actually PLAYING a Slowking, there was a Chansey on their bench getting ready to take out My Sneasel.  I gusted, put 80 damage on it, it attempted a Scrunch - failed, and I ko'd it.  GUST OF WIN is important... (err.. WIND :P). 
Also add in 3 Energy Removal for Chansey, Steelix, and unprotected Sneasel.  They won't be enjoying Sneasel taking everything out, but not allowing anything else to get charged up either.  Also add 3 Nightly Garbage Run and 2 Energy Charge for bringing back lost Slowkings/Sneasels and important Energy.  2 Lass is also important for trainer disruption while you're starting to get Slowkings out.  Ideally, you would like to leave them with 0 trainers to use, as you go and get Slowking ready to block any trainers they do happen to get.  Lastly, 2 EcoGym in case a removal gets through to your Sneasel, and 2 Focus Band to keep your Sneasel alive.  This is a total of 30 Trainers.  Use them wisely, my son ^_^
Here's a final deck count for ya....
Pokemon: 18
4 Slowpoke
4 Slowking
3 Sneasel
3 Cleffa
2 Igglybuff
2 Scyther
Energy: 12
4 Darkness Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
Trainers: 30
4 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
3 Professor Oak
3 Professor Elm
3 Nightly Garabge Run
3 Energy Removal
2 Energy Charge
2 Gust of Wind
2 EcoGym
2 Focus Band
2 Lass
Good Luck with the Deck.... it takes a fair amount of speed to get the Slowking out in time, so all I can say is practice at getting it out, and you should be getting good with it in no time.