Hey Everyone, It's Moss, sorry I've been away for a while.  I've had personal problems to take care of within the family, but I'm back now, so lets get to some fixes!  Moss@pojo.com if you wish to send something for me to look at (no guarantees i'll get to it though =/).
Name: Eric S.
Name of the Deck: Psy-steel
Types: Psychic and Steel (with a few mixed in types)
This deck is at least okay! At least say that it is okay!!!
First, lets start with some of the mixed in types:
1 Charizard, Normal Expansion (if you don’t have it, replaceit with [2]
Arcanine and [3] Growlithe
3 Charmander, ‘’
2 Charmeleon, ‘’
1 Moltres, ‘’
1 Zapdos
1 Electabuzz
1 Raichu
3 Pikachu (Jungle Expansion)
4 Abra
2 Kadabra
1 Alakazam
2 Slowpoke
2 Slowbro
1 Mewtwo (Promo)
3 Natu (Neo)
2 Xatu (Neo)
1 Unown (D)
3 Unown (O)
2 Unown (I)
4 Pineco
1 Forrettress
1 Skarmory
1 Houndour
1 Houndoom
2 Igglybuff
3 Jigglypuff
1 Wigglytuff
2 Chikorita
1 Bayleef
1 Meganium
3 Wooper
2 Quagsire
1 Articuno


Amazing.  What a great deck.  With all the types mixed in to combat weakness and resistance, you are going to metagame everyhing in your area.  I can't dare fix this up...
Where are the trainers?
>=/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, yes, I was being sarcastic up there, but for good reason.  I understand people being new to the game, or even not that good at the game, and sending in a weak deck that isn't so strong, but this deck cannot win.  It will never win, it never has won, and I doubt it knows what the word win means. 
But, I put it here for a reason, the first few sentences gave me an idea for using two very underrated cards together.  Yes, we'd be using 2 Stage 1's, but that's not IMPOSSIBLE to get out if you have enough speed in the deck.
Arcanine, as we all know, is an incredibly strong card.  When NEO was released, we all got to know its true powers as a clean up artist.  Also, we all know that Arcanine has one main weakness - Removals.  Energy and Super Energy Removal plague the poor doggie, so how can we make it get through that problem?
Brock. =/
Make an evolution line of Brock's Vulpix, Brock's Ninetails, and Base Arcanine, and combine it with the trainer Brock's Protection to give you an unremovable Arcy.  Sure, this has weaknesses, the biggest one being status effects, but luckily Brock's Ninetails can attack too, with a decent RR for 30 attack, and we'll provide Arcanine with some backup as well.  Here's a decklist for you people to consider.
Pokemon: 19
4 Brock's Vulpix (50 HP, you can hypnotic gaze to stall if necessary).
3 Brock's Ninetails (Shapeshifting is what you try to do first, to get to Arcy, but it can fight if absolutely necessary.)
3 Arcanine (The Beast.  Great Attacks, Great HP, retreat is bleh, but otherwise it's a monster.)
3 Cleffa (Cleffa, Lass, Cleffa, Lass, Cleffa, Lass... I don't want to have to ingrain it into your skulls people, do this combo)
2 Magmar (Fossil, backup hitter, stalls and poisons, good overall Basic)
2 Erika's Dratini (Die Sneasel!  Die Zappy!  Die Chansey!... just a great Tech card to have in today's metagame)
1 Moltres (One in EVERY Fire deck... if its going down to the wire and somebody is going to deck, you'll love me for making you put this card in)
1 Igglybuff (Stop something with a harming power... always a helpful card.. it would be Pichu but you don't want to hurt Niney and Dratini).
Trainers: 27
4 Professor Oak (Broken.  Speed.  Use.)
3 Computer Search (Get a needed card, you know the drill)
3 Item Finder (=/)
3 Energy Removal (important for stopping the energy hogs, i.e. Chansey, Sneasel)
3 Gold Berry (Too broken when working with Arcanine... the effects of Take Down are almost laughable with this card)
2 Nightly Garbage Run (Get back Discarded or KO'd pokes, and make sure you get that Moltres back in for the end game)
3 Lass (Cleffa Combo... and good mid-game for needed safety)
2 Gust of Wind (Stupid Steelix, you can't charge up on the bench in safety, GET OUT HERE, muahaha)
2 Brock's Protection (Unremovable Arcanine = Deadly)
1 Celadon City Gym (just a default gym in case something is harming you, also helps Erika's Drat)
1 Chaos Gym (and for when you have Arcy just killing everything in sight)
Energy: 14
8 Fire (uhh, uhh)
4 Double Colorless (works with almost everyone)
2 Metal (Arcanine abuses this card)
This deck wins on a fairly consistent basis, just watch for Status Effects and that rare Feraligatr.  Otherwise, have fun.. and no more pointlessly horrible decks please.