Hello, I Am Manuel from Chile, and I have a losser deck, it doesn't work very good, because a common lose in the tournament of my city, but I try and built a killer deck isn't a good talent to my but , please you can help me???This is My deck and I call it PlasmaJab and it have:
3.-Rocket's Zapdos(Anti haymaker-Raindance/Component Haymaker(I love this card :-)
2.-Scyther(against Gligar)
1.-Magby(Against Dark Vile and slowking)
1.-Unown D(Against Sneasel and Tyranitar)
4.-Plus Pow
2.-PC Search
3.-Item finder
3.-Nightly Garbage Run
2.-Sprout Tower
2.-The Trap
3.-Scoop up
3.-Gust of Wind
2.-Gold Berry
3.-Doubles coloress
This deck I try and try to repair it, but i can't, please .........Help Me........
And my english isn't very good,because i talk spanish, I hope you understand me , i are a losser.........please i go all week to tourney and I every i finish second, never first, please help me..
Thanks Mr Monkey
I have a fix all the way from Chile in South America today. Just goes to show that Pokemon is popular all around the world. Lucky for me your english is good enough for me to understand. Hopefully you'll be able to understand me well enough.
Looks like you're going with a straight-out beatdown with this deck. Let's see what can be done to help it.
Another fix with a good pokemon lineup. The only thing that needs to be changed is you can get rid of that Unown D. You don't really need it in this deck, since your SERs can take care of the Sneasels and other Dark types.
With the trainers, drop the Professor Elm and a Nightly Garbage Run. Take out the Traps too. Just two of those by themselves won't do much, since you have to flip to do anything with the card. The Rocket's Trap usually needs a lot of Rocket's Sneak Attack and Imposter Oak's Revenge to go along with it, and you don't have room to fit all of that in. Then we'll need to add in another Professor Oak, another Item Finder, and two more Computer Searches. In decks like this, the more speed the better.
Now, since you don't really have any Pokemon that can disrupt the opponent's hand and energy, we need to add some trainers to do that. Basically, the more you can disrupt what the opponent is trying to do, the better you'll do. Add in another Super Energy Removal, and cut a Scoop Up and Gust of Wind for two Lass. Super Energy Removal keeps them from getting enough energy to do their high-cost attacks, and Lass helps keep them from using trainers.
With the energy, drop one Lighting and one Fighting, and throw in a forth Double Colorless Energy and a Recycle Energy. Scyther and Ditto both need Double Colorless Energy, and Recycle Energy works really well with your Super Energy Removals.
That's all I know to do. Let's see how it turned out.
Revised PlasmaJab:
Pokemon: 13
3 Rocket's Zapdos
3 Cleffa
2 Hitmonchan
2 Scyther
2 Ditto
1 Magby

Trainers: 31
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
4 PlusPower
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
2 Scoop Up
2 Lass
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Gold Berry
2 Sprout Tower
Energy: 16
6 Lighting Energy
5 Fighting Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
1 Recycle Energy
There ya go. Hope you could understand my english well enough to understand what I was saying. Good luck with your new deck.
~ Monkey