Hey everyone! I’m back from vacation and cam home to an inbox of 60+ e-mails for deck fixes x_X. Just a note before I start, when you send in a deck fix please send it only once and only one deck. Also if you can try to write a brief strategy of how your deck works and what decks its not doing well against. This will make it easier for me to fix. Well, enough talk, here’s the deck fix:

Hey Beedrill,
Here's a deck that works pretty well so I thought
I'd send it in and see what you can do.


2x Murkrow

2x Sneasel

2x Iggybuff

2x Cleffa

4x Growlithe

4x Arcanine

3x Fossil Magmar

Total: 19


3x Gust of Wind

2x Computer Search

4x Gold Berry

3x Lass

4x Bill

4x Oak

1x Ecogym

Total: 21


12x Fire

4x Darkness

4x Double Colorless Energy

Total: 20

The strategy I use is on the opening hand cripple them using lass and
Cleffa. I use Snesel, Murkrow, and Magmar to hold off while I build up an
Arcanine. Then I attach a few Gold Berries and use Take Down on the remaing


Hey Austin! I see we have an Arcanine deck here. Arcy is one of my favorite pokes, since he got me t8 at ECSTS 2000 =). How bout we take a look at it to see what can make this deck unbeatable!

Pokemon: Murkrow and Sneasel are great pokes but they don’t really go with the theme of the deck. Drop both of them. In place add in 2 Ditto and another Cleffa. Also drop 1 Arcanine which will be used for some more trainers (4-3 Arcy line should be more than enough.) That should do it for Pokemon, now lets check out da trainers.

Trainers: Drop all 4 Bill for 4 Item Finder. Also drop one Oak and one Gold Berry for 2 more Computer Search. This should give you plenty of card drawing and that ability to get cards from your deck easily. With that out of the way, lets add 2 Switch, 2 Nightly Garbage Run and 1 more EcoGym. Switch will make it easier to get Arcy and other pokemon to the bench to send up someone new and Nightly Garbage Run can get back energy and Pokemon so you won’t deck! That’s about it for the trainers, just a small fix up with the energy and we’re done!

Energy: Cut the Dark energy’s since we got rid of Murkrow/Sneasel and also cut 2 fire energy. We have 3 spaces left so add 3 Metal Energy which is an excellent combo with Take Down. With 1 Metal, when you Take Down it will deal 70 and only take 10 damage! Metal energy is a great card and this is an ideal deck to abuse it in ;). Here’s a look at the final deck list:


The New and Improved Arcanine’s Day Out

Pokemon: (17)

4 Growlithe

3 Arcanine

3 Cleffa

3 Fossil Magmar

2 Ditto

2 Igglybuff

Trainers: (26)

4 Computer Search

4 Item Finder

3 Oak

3 Lass

3 Gold Berry

3 Gust of Wind

2 EcoGym

2 Nightly Garbage Run

2 Switch

Energy: (17)

10 Fire

3 Metal

4 Double Colorless

Best of luck to you with the new deck!