Hey F00ís, Iíll cut the jibbuh jabbah today and just go straight to the fix. And be sure to stay in school and drink your milk! Hereís the deck, so pay attention Modified players! </end Mr. T mode.>


Heya Bee this is AC-Cdawg/ARRA from the pojo ladder. I wanted to try a hunter deck, you know attacking the bench and in the modified rules i think this is the best fit so anyway heres the deck.

Hunta Strike
4 Cleffa ... Double Evo u gotta have some drawing power
3 Slowpoke L20
3 Slowking ... Stop Crapgatr and trainers in general
1 Eevee L14 ... use rainbow on this buddy and flip heads then u search for umbreon and if u
2 Eevee L7... have this buddy in play then u do it again
3 Umbreon ... faint attack is pwnage against babys and can kncok out those unevoed cynda and toto
2 Murkrow ... This guy helps keep with this theme of bench destruction nuthin betta then mean looking a iggly
2 Yanma ... this guy was kinda a toss in 60 hp and free retreat and also cleans up what murkrow left behind
6 Grass Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Darkness Energy
4 Professor Elm
4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
4 Erika i really like the combo erika with rsa and ior and it is sorta like 1st turn lass eek thing
3 Imposter Oak's Revenge
3 Warp Point i wish i could use double gust but my slowkings are too vulnerable
3 Gold Berry
2 Rocket's Minefield Gym helps with bench destruction
2 Sabrina's Gaze
1 Master Ball


First Turn play cleffa and elm/ erika/ gaze to get the rsa ior combo off to disrupt trainer use then get two slowpokes in play hopefully and eeek. Then depending on the basic in front of u charge up murkrow for babys yanma for grass weekness and most likely umbreon for anything else. Then with two slowkings and removing igglys by faint attack control their trainers and own their bench till its gone. Remember this is a modified deck. Thanx.

Seeya in some tight tourneys bee



Hey cdawg and thanks for writing in! This will be my Modified fix of the week. Hunter is going to be a tough deck to beat at WCSTS qualifiers but this one could use a little fixing, so Iíll get to work!

Pokemon: Pokemon look great, just a few small things to fix here. Iíd say drop one Cleffa since 3 should be more than enough. Also add in 2 Igglybuff to take care of those pesky Unown Dís or other Slowkings. The Eeveeís are really up to you, Iíd suggest making it 1 Promo 2 ND for a little extra hp but thatís up to you. Other than that everything looks good to go!

Trainers: With Cleffa practically in any deck, The Erika/IOR combo loses a lot of steam. Since after you pull off the combo, they can easily just eeek back at you a hand leaving the combo pretty much pointless. Drop all 4 Erika and 3 IOR. This leaves us with 7 spots open so add in 4 Mistys Wrath, 2 Nightly Garbage Run and 1 Energy Charge so you will still have plenty of drawing and able to replenish your deck with evols and energy. That should wrap it up for Trainers, lets take a small look at energy and weíre done!

Energy: not much to do here, it may be tough but drop one Grass energy for the space we went over with the Igglybuff. Well, that should do it, hereís a final look at the deck.


3 Cleffa

3 Slowpoke

3 Slowking

2 Eevee (ND or Promo)

1 Eevee (ND or Promo)

3 Umbreon

2 Murkrow

2 Yanma

2 Igglybuff


4 Professor Elm

4 Rockets Sneak Attack

4 Mistyís Wrath

3 Warp Point

3 Gold Berry

2 Nightly Garbage Run

2 Rockets Minefield Gym

2 Sabrinas Gaze

1 Energy Charge

1 Master Ball


5 Grass Energy

4 Rainbow Energy

4 Darkness Energy

Try to get those Umbreon out quickly and then feint attack your opponents deck into oblivion! Good luck!