Hiya Beedrill, this is nikePK. So far I've played this deck in 4 ladder matches and i've only lost 1 time. I havne't played many people of great skill in those 4 matches so I was wondering if you thought my deck was tough enough to do the job of gettin me back into top 10. Well, here is my deck: Jumpluff Madness.

4x Hoppip
4x Skiploom
3x Jumpluff
4x Scyther
4x Cleffa
2x Rocket's Scyther

4x Prof. Elm
3x Prof Oak
3x Computer search
3x Gust
4x Energy Removal
3x Super energy removal
2x Nightly garbage run
1x Pokemon Center ( late game, jumpluff only needs one energy to attack so he's
back up and running after everyone has damage removed)

10x Grass
4x DCE
2x Recycle

The strategy of the deck is to get out a Skiploom and a Jumpluff pretty quickly, when I oak or elm I usually get them, I rarely have to CPU for one. I use Skippy instead of breeder because he hurts steelix with his poison and he hurts other high retreaters. I'm not worried much about fire because I have lots of removal and for magmar i can always slash and then retreat for a blinding scythe. The deck gets around gold berry very well if they have 70 hp or less. Everyone except R's Scyther can retreat for free and the deck isn't affected much by energy removal. Poke Center is for the late game as i stated above. Thanks for your time, see what you can do with it.

Hey Nike, very interesting deck you have here. As Nike said, he is in the top10 of our league and is using quite an original deck. It looks like an already great and fun deck but Ill tinker with it a little to make it even better.

Pokemon: Like I said, there really isnt much to do here ;x. Pokemon look great but I think you could drop 1 Cleffa and 1 Scyther. 3 Cleffa and Scyther should serve more than well. With these spots add in 1 more Rockets Scyther. Well leave the extra spot open for trainers which is our next section.

Trainers: AAHHHH, this deck is screaming for Item Finder so lets add in 3. Were 2 spots over so dump 2 Professor Elm in its place(5 cards that draw 7 are more than enough). Also we must find room for a gym in here because if someone throws out an Ecogym your ER/SER plans are screwed. Chuck 1 SER and the lone Pokemon Center. Now, add in 2 Narrow Gym. Other than that things look great.

No changes to the energy so lets check out the new and improved Jumpluff Madness!


4 Hoppip

4 Skiploom

3 Jumpluff

3 Cleffa

3 Scyther

3 Rockets Scyther


3 Professor Oak

2 Professor Elm

3 Computer Search

3 Item Finder

4 Energy Removal

2 Super Energy Removal

3 Gust of Wind

2 Narrow Gym


10 Grass


2 Recycle

This looks like a really fun anti arch deck. Its fast and has a touch of status effects. Hope you like the fixing and Good Luck! =D.