Hey Everyone! This week I will be doing 2 fixes because Iím going to be on vacation for 10 days ^_^. But rest assured I will be back to bring you more deck fixes. This week Iím fixing 2 decks from players Pojoís Apprentice League. I encourage you all to come join our league, we have tournaments almost everyday and soon we will be starting a Team League =D. To find out more you can e-mail me or check out the section called Pojoís Apprentice League. My first deck is from SirDonkey from team EM so lets take a look at his deck.

Hey bee this is SirDonkey here and Iím here with my deck SirDonkey's Path of Destruction. The basic strategy is to get chansey with a dce and 2 metal with unown n on my bench as quick as possible while healing chansey with gold berrys constantly attached to it. It also has protection against sprout tower by attacking with sneasel. Erika's Jigglypuff is in there just for the chance of a FTK though I donít really like winning that way it has to be exploited.

14 Pokemon
3 Chansey
3 Sneasel
3 Cleffa
2 Scyther
2 Erika's Jigglypuff
1 Unown n

16 Energy
2 Recycle Energy
4 Dark
4 Steel
2 Rainbow

30 Trainers
4 Oak
3 Elm
4 Comp. Search
4 Item Finder
3 Scoop Up
3 Gust of Wind
3 Gold Berry
4 Pluspower
2 EcoGym

So far in apprentice this deck is 6-2. But for the 6 wins i had to really struggle to get them. I hope this gets posted and if it does Thanx Bee.
J00 0wn Me.

Mike Johnson AKA SirDonkey (ranked 13 on pojo's ladder at this time)

Plz send any comments, bashing, viruses, and any feedback to

Hey Donkey. Wow this is a really solid deck. Eulogy is becoming a really popular deck since it can deal insane amounts of damage. Iíll see what I can do to make this deck better than it is.

Pokemon: Pokemon look great, I see nothing to change here.

Trainers: With so much card drawing you can drop one Computer Search. In its place add another EcoGym to keep your energy safe. Also drop one Elm which will be used for a 3rd Rainbow Energy.

Iíve been sitting here for an hour agonizing over this but I canít see anything else that should be fixed ;x. You have built a very good deck here and I wish you the best of luck with it.