*~Note: This deck was made with Chris Fullop~*
Pokemon: 18
4 Brock's Vulpix (Hypnotic Gaze is useable, but look to evolve into...)
3 Brock's Ninetales (The Shapeshift Pokemon Power, need I say more?)
3 Steelix (Use this to Shapeshift from Ninetails)
3 Cleffa (Anti-Lass, helps recover)
2 MP Mewtwo (Anti-Muk, and gets back lost energy)
2 Pichu (Anti-Pichu/Muk, with Metal on the Steelix, Ninetails takes no dmg)
1 Brock's Mankey (Anti-Slowking, Taunt a King or Muk, retreat, and Psyburn with Mewtwo)
Energy: 13
6 Psychic Energy (Mewtwo uses these)
4 Metal Energy (Steelix uses these)
3 Recycle Energy (Use these with SER)
Trainers: 29
4 Comp. Search (Needed Speed, and targeting of cards)
4 Item Finder (Get back lost Gold Berry, or Oak, etc)
3 Super Energy Removal (Cripple their energy supply)
3 Gold Berry (Keep Steelix alive a lot longer)
3 Professor Oak (New hand, adds speed)
2 Switch (Gets Pokemon out of a tricky situation)
2 NGR (Gets back lost Steelix, and energy, anti-decking)
2 Brock's Protection (Attach this to a Vulpix or Ninetails, then Shapeshift, and you have a Unremovable Steelix)
2 GOW (Pick off Pokemon, especially Muk)
2 Resistance Gym (Lets Mewtwo do more damage)
1 Energy Flow (Works great with Movie Mewtwo and Metal energy)
1 Professor Elm (Anti-decking, refreshes hand without losing lots of Metal energy)
Strategy of this deck:
Get a Brock's Protection on a Vulpix or Ninetails, then use Brock's Ninetail's Pokemon Power: Shapeshift to go to Steelix. This way you have a wall that cannot lose its Metal energy via ER/SER or Removal attacks. Use Gold Berries to keep this monster rolling. Mewtwo is backup, anti-Muk, and gets back Metal Energy with Energy Flow. Pichu is anti-Igglybuff and Unown M. This is a Steelix deck that has Energy Denial, and is very deadly, I hope you enjoy!

- Jim

Wow, Jim, great deck..
I'd like to use this deck as an example of one thing.  You don't need to make some Sneasel or Trap or Slowking or any other skill lacking card to be good in Pokemon.  If you sit back and take some time, you can come up with a magnificent deck idea, like Jim has here.  Also, he's put in some strategy on the cards, as well as an overall strategy for the deck at the end.  This really helps a deck mechanic out, because they know what you're trying to accomplish, and can help a lot better.  Now, on to the deck, which needs very little help...
Pokemon: Perfect.  That's all I can say.  You've got a good 4-3-3 line on the evolution, which nearly assures you will be able to get it out.  Cleffa is in there to help get the big bad Steelix out, as well as help against trainer disruption.  Mewtwo is your backup hitter, and has the Energy Flow combo, and you've got a tech hitter in Pichu.  Just drop the Brock's Mankey, since it seems useful at first, but since you already have the Pichu to take care of Slowking/Muk/Igglybuff, you wont need to Taunt anything in... hopefully! Otherwise Perfect =/.  I love you =/.
Energy: Looks good also, but I would drop one Recycle for one Psychic.  I don't like having to Energy Absorb that turn, but having a bunch of recycles in my hand when I need to have the Psychic (yes it's happened to me, and yes, I'm bitter).  The count stays the same however.
Trainers:  Hmmm, also looks fine, except for one slight problem.  That Energy Absorption/Energy Flow combo looks like it may happen once in a while, and you dont want the single Energy Flow in your prizes.  Thus, add one Energy Flow, taking up the spot created from dropping the Brock's Mankey. 
Well, my tunings are in. 
Dropped: 1 Brock's Mankey - 1 Recycle Energy
Added:   1 Energy Flow - 1 Psychic Energy
Great Deck, Jim, and thanks for sending it in.  Hopefully, I'll be getting more decks like this. 
And remember, it's always good to win a game, but it's great when you do it with you own deck idea.