Hi Rain. I totally forgive you for erasing my deck. Thanks a lot for
fixing it in the first place. Here it is again...

4 Misty's Phyduck (50 hp not esp.)
4 Misty's Golduck
4 Phyduck
4 Golduck

4 Energy Removal
4 Super Energy Removal
2 Computer Search
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Professor Oak
2 Energy Search
2 Gust of Wind

13 water
13 physic

The strategy of this deck is simple, destroy energy. With the max amount of
removals legal and poke'mon that destroy energy this is made simple. I
usually use removals and gusts to keep my opponent in check until I can build
up one of my golducks. I usually fall a few prizes behind early on but once I
have multiple golducks (I use computer search sometimes) in play I'm hard to
beat. Whatever the opponent has I drain. Once that poke'mon is fully drained
I can attack to defeat them with attacks that do damage as apposed to remove
energy. If they ever try to come back my golducks can always suck their
energy off again and do damage at the same time. When I use Golduck (fossil)
I attack and remove energy at the same time. Computer Search is very
important to the deck. 9 times out of 10 I get an oak. That lets me get
basics, evolutions, energy, and removals all at once. Sometimes when I'm
desperate I'll search for golduck or another basic. The only time I've lost
with this deck is when my opponent played a first turn electabuzz. I was
stuck with Misty's phyduck. He oaked for pluspowers. He got three. One
thundershock beat me before I could draw.


Heh...sorry about erasing your deck, my mouse is ugh. =\

Now, on to the deck...

Drop the whole 4-4 Misty's Psyduck line. This line revolves around alot of coin flips. Trust me, focussing on the Fossil line is much better. Drop 1 Psyduck and 1 Golduck to make the line 3-3. That will leave us with 10 slots. Try 3 Cleffa, 2 Scyther, 2 Ditto, 2 Igglybuff and 1 Wooper(NG). That should be more than enough support. I'm pretty sure Cleffa and Scyther are self explainatory. Ditto is there to counter Rocket's Zapdos, Electabuzz and Sneasel. The lone Wooper is in there to fight off Lighting Pokémon as well. Igglybuff is obviously to stop Slowking.

Drop all 13 Psychic Energy and cut 5 Water Energy, going down to 8 to work with. That will leave us with 18 slots. Double Colorless and Recycle energy are obviously needed. Play 4 Double Colorless(for Ditto, Scyther and Wooper) and 2 Recycle Energy(for Super Energy Removal, retreating etc.). Hmmm...since we cut the Psychic Energy, Psyduck won't be able to use Headache. But don't worry, play 3 Rainbow Energy. Yes, I think it suites this deck well...giving Scyther the ability to Sworddance also. It seems we have all the energy we'll be needing. I'll use the extra 9 slots for trainers below.

Drop both the Energy Retrieval and Energy Search. Also, drop one Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal - Giving us 15 slots. Go 2 more Professor Oak, 1 more Computer Search, 3 Item Finder, 2 Nightly Garbage Run, 2 Sprout Tower, 2 Gold Berry and 3 Lass. Item Finder will help you recycle the needed cards to win games and recover - Nightly Garbage Run is to get back discarded Energy and Pokémon - Sprout Tower acts like a Default gym and counters Colorless Pokémon at the same time - Gold Berry is to heal your Golducks - Lass is obviously for the Eeeeeeeek combo.

The deck would now look something like this...

Duck Deck 1.2

3 Psyduck
3 Golduck
3 Cleffa
2 Scyther
2 Ditto
2 Igglybuff
1 Wooper

4 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 Lass
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Gold Berry
2 Gust of Wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Sprout Tower

8 Water Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Rainbow Energy
2 Recycle Energy

That should even the deck up alot. Hope that helped, and good luck!