Hi there Rain, I'm John and I think my deck could be better, but I'm not
sure how... YOUR MY LAST HOPE! No one has ever responded to my e-mails, and
I'm frankly losing hope in Deck Mechanics all together. If you would PLEASE
fix my deck, it would mean SO much to me! I'd be your your slave for
like...a month! And I'll give you some money, too!
Well, here's my deck.

PokéMon: 17
4 Squirtle (Base)
3 Blastoise
2 Dark Blastoise
4 Wooper (Neo Genesis)
2 Lapras (Fossil)
2 Cleffa (Neo Genesis)

Energy: 18
16 Water
2 Recycle (for retreating)

Trainers: 25
1 Potion (for Cleffa & Squirtle)
3 Gold Berry
1 Prof. Oak
1 Prof. Elm
1 Switch
1 Gust of Wind
1 Super Energy Removal
1 Scoop Up
4 PokéMon Breeder
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Energy Flow
2 Pluspower

The strategy is... well, there isn't much of a strategy, but the Scoop Up is
for Lapras and Wooper is for R's Zapdos. Blastoise and D. Blasty are the
powerhouses and Cleffa is for drawing (note how I don't have many
card-drawing trainers). I know I have alot of single cards, but I was
strapped for space in this deck...
Anyway, like I said before, I'd appreciate it so much if you'd fix my
deck... it would mean so much to me... in fact, it would make me the
happiest person on the face of the earth. Thanx for your time and effort,
and I think your a great mechanic!
             C ya later!

Hey John. LoL...no need to be my slave or anything, fixing decks is what I do now. =/

Yey, my first Raindance fix. ^_^

- Pokémon -
Drop both Lapras, they are extremely weak to Lighting. In place of the 2 Lapras, go 2 Articuno. Articuno isn't really that great until Blastoise gets out, but when it does, it can get some heavy damage done fast. Since your main theme to this deck is Dark Blastoise, I'll leave them in. Also, drop 2 Woooper for 2 Igglybuff. 4 Wooper is way too much, and I strongly believe that Igglybuff should be in most decks(with Slowking coming back).

By the way, make the Squirtle Team Rocket instead of Base.

- Energy -
Drop 2 Water Energy and both Recycle. Even though Recycle is a very good card, it isn't needed in this deck.

(We'll use those 4 slots for Trainers)

- Trainers -
Drop the Potion, Professor Elm, both Energy Flow, Scoop up and Switch. That will leave us with 10 slots(counting from the 4 above). Play another 3 Professor Oak, Item Finder, Gust of Wind, Super Energy Removal, 2 Sprout Tower and 2 Lass. You needed a Counter Gym/Default, Sprout Tower is probably the best choice for this deck. Lass works well with Cleffa(Eeeeeeeek/Lass combo of course).

The deck should now look something like this...

Dark Raindance 1.2


4 Squirtle(TR)
3 Blastoise
2 DarkBlastoise
2 Articuno
2 Wooper
2 Cleffa
2 Igglybuff


4 Professor Oak
4 Pokémon Breeder
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 Gold Berry
2 Lass
2 Gust of Wind
2 Pluspower
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Sprout Tower


14 Water Energys

Hope this helps ya. Good luck!  ^_^