>To everybody's favorite deck mechanic, Spike:
> First, thanks for fixing Great Help'n of Hurt, it really helped. After defeating my friends so many times, >they decided to build their own decks, and I suggested they go party mono- style, as I planned to do. So I >went back to my usual Gengar deck, but little did I know that a flaming menace was about to claw it's >self right out of a TR booster just a few months later...
> In my meager supply TR boosters, I found two Dark Charizard. Now, I'd always wanted to play with >Charizard before, but, sadly enough, Base Charizard just sucks. The new one, I think, is a heck of a lot >better, and so Crazy Conflagration was born...
>17 Pokémon:
> 4 TR Charmander: Maybe I should switch to Base, I don't know, although Gather Fire is useful before >Breedering
> 2 Dark Charizard: Repeating Fireball is so awesome, and Nail Flick can get Mimes
> 2 Fossil Magmar: The great Fire basic, Magmar has is a must, despite my deck's lack of them
> 4 Meowth: Two are Promo, two are Jungle. I'm trying to get more promos, but even if I can't talk my >friends into trading them to me, Meowth is only for evolution
> 3 Persian: I love this line! Persian fights back against Water, should it arise...
> 2 Kangaskhan: I was skeptical of it's powers, until I traded for two and tried them. A perfect staller
>20 Trainers:
> 3 Bill: Needs no description
> 2 Professor Oak: (see above)
> 4 Energy Removals: I didn't like parting with my SERs, but Pokémon TCG GB taught me to live a >thrive with them, so no problem
> 3 Pokémon Breeder: Dark Charmeleon isn't exactly my favorite Stage 1...
> 2 Computer Search: A game saver, asking you just for two little cards as payment for it's amazing >feats...
> 2 Energy Retrieval: My deck could probably use more, but to be honest, I don't know where to stick 'em
> 3 Gust of Wind: When I sent my last deck, I was horrified to find that I had left these out. Somehow, in >the process of building the deck, I had left them out; which was probably one of the main reasons that >the deck needed fix'n. Sorry 'bout that...

> 1 Item Finder: I wanted two, but I'm lucky that this actually got in. Mainly to get Breeders back in case >of Mew
>23 Energy:
> 21 Fire: You said that this worked for your deck, and so far, everything is working well
> 2 Double Colorless: Once again, I used you deck as an energy example
> Well, there you go. This deck is exceptional, and I've not lost with it yet, but you're my favorite deck >mechanic, who just happens to be experienced with fire, and this is my first try with fire, so I figured to >ask for your opinion. I'm not sure if the Breeders should stay, but, like I said, Dark Charmeleon isn't that >good, at least not in my opinion... TR or Base, TR or Base... The eternal Charmander struggle... TR can >do 20 for 1 Fire and get me energy, but Base can give me 10 more hp, which can mean a lot. Thanks in >advance for your time.
> Tell Vulpix that I, and my Onix, Idiom, say hello. When Gym 1 arrives, Onix will star in his own deck, >but until then, Base will continue to haunt my binders. I'm going to take your advice on Base set >Charizard, but ask for Onixes instead of Sandshrews... I could probably add a few more pages to my >"Onix Binder." Well, that's enough from me.

Okay. This is just a quickie to get my brain back up to speed after two weeks of doing no Deck Garage work. It's a very good deck already, and I only see a couple of things I'll comment on.

1) The main debate here is TR vs. Basic Charmander. I think I'd personally go with the extra HP, to be blunt about it. 20 for 1 is great, no doubt about it, but there is an immense difference between 40 and 50 HP. But the bottom line, as always, is what you find works for you. Also, there aren't really any great Meowths right now (nor do future sets look hopeful) although I admit that I can't remember the promo's stats off the top of my head. Persian kicks ass, though. 2 Magmars and only 2 Dark Charizards scare me... if it were me, I might think about finding a basic replacement for Persian (Scyther, etc...) but it's entirely your call.

2) Great job on your trainers. I'd like a 3rd Oak or Search... maybe dropping a GOW... but nothing serious.

3) This deck prolly doesn't need quite as much E as you'd think, especially with the Retrieval. So it should be fine.

That's about all. Good job with one of the better Charizards we'll probably ever see.


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