>Hey spike, this is a deck i made that i call psychic apocalypse. i've
>beating most of my friends with it but have lost a few times, they
>seem to poison me and i don't have any healing trainers(i hate nidoking
>his d*mn toxic!!!!). can you give me some tips on what cards to take
>away in
>order to get some room for some full heals or super potions? thanx!
>pokemon 21
>2 mewtwo(promo from movie)
>1 mew
>3 dratini
>2 dark dragonair
>1 dark dragonite
>2 slowpoke
>1 dark slowbro
>4 gastlys
>3 haunters
>2 gengar
>Trainers 14
>3 imposter oaks revenge
>4 pokeballs
>3 gust of wind
>2 bills
>2 computer search
>Energy 25
>22 psychic
>3 double colorless
>the purpose of my deck is to knock out pokemon quickly by locating them
>your deck. I use computer search when i can to get dark dragonite or
>or who ever i need to get him right off of the bat, then i use summon
>to get mew and mewtwo quickly, and then i use moves that discard energy
>use energy absorption(mewtwos move). also if someone draws a card and
>"YES!" or gets a smile like hes gonna have an advantage, i use imposter
>revenge. also if someone knocks out one of my better pokemon, like
>gengar or
>mewtwo, or mew i use slowbros  pokemon power(reel in :"when you play
>slowbro from your hand, choose up to 3  basic pokemon and/or evolution
>from your discard pile and put them in your hand").also if someone uses
>heavy hitting pokemon i use gastlys destiny bond which defeats the
>pokemon in
>a single hit at the cost of one energy card then i pull out mewtwo to
>get the
>card back by using energy absorption. my pokeballs arn't very useful
>but if
>you have luck on your side and get 3 of the 4 coins you flip to be
>then you can get dratini, dragonair and dragonite right off of the bat.
>for reading my deck idea! have fun!


This deck has some SERIOUS problems. Follow me, and don't stop to pick up any of your cards as I rip them out of your deck and fling them aside.

1) Mewtwo and Gengar are good. Dragonair we can work with. Almost everything else is iffy. Dragonite's Power is not really the greatest, and his attack is not very good for 4 energy. It isn't worth using Dark Slowbro simply for the reason you describe. A single Mew is probably not the best use of a card slot. Make Gengar 4-3-2, Dark Dragonair 3-2 (using the Base Set Dratini) and increase Mewtwo to 4.

Wait a minute... I just noticed you use... BASE GASTLY???! I'm going to have to think up some strange and cruel punishment for people who put this HORRIBLE Pokemon in decks.

Destiny Bond? Do you think your opponent is a complete fool? Your opponent is not going to attack; he or she is simply going to load up and watch as you pitch your energy away. 100% of your ghosts should be Fossil. 90% or even 95% is simply not acceptable.. If you have severe problems with big Pokemon, take out a Mewtwo or two and put in some Mimes.

2) Ouch. Did you even read my garage guidelines before sending this in? I really should delete, but I've already started the fix. Take out the IPO's Revenge. If you are truly playing against people that bad, you need to find somewhere else to play. Ditto Pokeballs. Put in all the yummy stuff... Bill, Oak, Item Finder, Energy Removal.

I also like Night Garbage Retrieval, you can cut your energy a bit as well as have another way to get back Pokemon. Really an utterly standard trainer layout. Perhaps now you understand that I am not joking when I recommend good trainers in my garage guidelines.

3) Okay, you managed not to screw up the energy. But it still needs a bit of a tweaking. Maybe just drop a single Psy energy, I don't know.


4 Mewtwo
3 Dratini
2 Dark Dragonair
4 Gastly
3 Haunter
2 Gengar

3 Bill
3 Oak
2 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
4 Energy Removal
3 Night Garbage Retrieval

18 Psychic Energy


Have fun. And sorry if I sounded bitter... but would it have killed you to read my garage guidelines, or even notice some common elements in my fixes? Anyway, it's behind us now, I hope I helped you!


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