>   Hey Spike! Hey Vulpix! Hope you guys will take a
>look at this, it's a quick deck that i constructed to
>play a friend a while ago, and i'd say it works pretty
>good. I'll explain the strategy after....but here's
>the deck first!
>Pokemon x17
>chansey x3
>scyther x2
>gastly x3 (fossil)
>haunter x2 (fossil)
>psyduck x4 (rocket)
>dark golduck x3
>Trainers x22
>bill x3
>professor oak x3
>computer search x2
>itemfinder x2
>energy removal x4
>energy retrieval x2
>gust of wind x3
>pluspower x3
>Energy x21
>psychic energy x17
>DCE x4
>    Well, there it is, not too bad huh? I like it.
>Anyways, i've played it a few times, and it originally
>was based around using both kadabra's and golduck's
>super psy ability, mainly to have golduck back-up
>kadabra against a psy resistant fighter, then i
>decided i needed to thin it out a bit, it used to have
>20 pokemon and i think that may be just a bit much.
>So, i decided to take out the kadabras, and trim their
>line down to 3-2, instead of 4-3, and as you can see i
>replaced them with the gastly-haunter line, these guys
>are great, even without gengar. After all, gastly is a
>much better basic then either of the abras, with a
>solid 50hp, and the same paralyzing attack as
>psyshock, and if worse comes to worse, and i find
>myself short of energy, i can bring a few back to my
>hand. As for haunter, this guy rocks in this deck,and
>is a great staller and not to bad for attacking
>sometimes. He saved my butt against my friend's deck
>more then once, especially in this one game where i
>got him to deck himself. He was using Cinder by the
>way. Chansey's in there, because, well, it's chansey.
>I really started to like her after trying her out
>once, and since i do need time to stall often in this
>to build up a good attacker, especially in the
>beginning against some decks, she works wonders in
>soaking up damage, not to mention, i love blowing away
>two of my opponent's pokemon with double-edge. Scrunch
>is good for the stalling to. As for scyther, i find
>he's just a staple in a lot of decks. He's a very nice
>starter, even against a fire deck because of his free
>retreat cost, and it doesn't hurt to use him to attack
>either. Finally, i have dark golduck in there, mainly
>for his super psy ability, which can clean up most
>pokemon in two hits. His hp is a problem albeit, but
>if he dies i have lots of other strong pokemon to back
>him up. Double-edge!...hehehe...
>Anyways, i think most of the trainers are self
>explanatory, though i just threw the pluspowers in
>there last night and haven't gotten to play with them
>yet. I figure they'll help me against those 40, 60,
>and 90hp threats faster. I took out a scyther as well
>for another psychic energy, i used to have three, but
>i just didn't feel comfortable with only 16 basic
>energy, even with two retrievals. The gust of winds
>are beautiful all the time, easier to pick off
>anything nice and weak, and i knew that the card
>drawing abilty ( i.e. the oaks, bills, searches,and
>finders) and the removal, were all staples in almost
>any deck as well. I've payed close attention and gone
>through every single article in your garage and
>noticed this in every deck, even in most stall decks.
>All in all, i find this deck covers it's weaknesses
>pretty good, and i made sure that it can take on most
>archetypes as well, with the gastly line hopefully
>hosing out mr.mime, and scyther taking on the
>gyarados' in raindance, chancey taking out most 80hp
>cards like alakazam, ninetales(no offence Vulpix),
>wigglytuff and the like, and for those fire or
>fighting decks i have my water and fighting resistance
>pokemon. Hehehe...hitmonchan won't ever bother ME
>again. Too bad electabuzz and magmar are so common
>though. But thanx for taking a look at this, and no
>i'm not on a time limit to get this looked over, but
>if u could post it, especially in the next week or
>two, i'd really appreciate it.


1) I like these Pokemon... a LOT. 2 Scythers would be 2 too few in most other decks, but here I think they may be just the right number. Every Pokemon you have can be considered a decent starter, and most of them can do something nasty either on their own or by evolving. I don't think I'd change anything.

2) Hmm, trainers are good too. I might try finding space for a couple more Searches, but it's not neccessary. A lot of it depends on your environment. For example, at the STS in Long Beach, EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER was playing massive hand destruction. As a result, huge amounts of Oaks, Computer Searches and Item Finders were the order of the day. I actually took all the Bills out of my deck when I thought I was going to play in the tournament (more on that in a separate article.) But all other things being equal, your trainers are fine!

3) You know, I just realized I haven't changed anything in this deck yet. That's bad. I need to change something in the energy so people will think I'm actually doing something here! Wait. The energy mix is good too. Drat. Oh well, every so often I post up examples of good decks that don't need much fixing... this can be one of them.

That's about it.


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