Okay, this is another short update. Even though I got back well before I expected to, I've been busy nearly every second since I've gotten home. And if you don't know why by now, it's probably because I'm not going to tell you. That's also why you haven't seen as much of me on AIM, IRC, ICQ, or wherever you normally talk to me.

The upshot of this is, no letters, no polls, and only 2 fixes. Sorry. Normal service (so to speak) should resume next week. Thank you all for being so patient.

One thing we can introduce is Dear Vulpix. Yes, the populace spoke, and they wanted Vulpix to help them with their problems. God only knows why. At any rate, head over there and see if you like what he has to say.

Ta until next week.


Gym! Gym! Gym's almost here! I can't wait! Wheee!!!

And on that rather disturbing note...



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