First of all, the traditional reassurance that Iım not dead yet. Iım in California. Why? Donıt ask. Thatıs why my update for last week (and this week too) consists of a couple of ³Reserve Decks² that I sent in untold eons ago to be kept in the Pojoıs hidden vaults until a situation like this arose. But Iıve got a computer (if a very slow one) right now, and so I figured Iıd answer a few letters. Maybe I can get Vulpix to do some of his letters, too. (Yes, heıs with me. Donıt tell the people at Amtrak I snuck him aboard.)

Before we get started, a couple of things. First of all, Iıll be away from a computer again by the time this gets posted as my travels take me to Lake Tahoe. Feel free to send me stuff, though, and Iıll snag it when I get back. Next, a correction: Although I did not explicitly state this fact in my decklist, the Magmars in the most recent version of Cinder are FOSSIL. Yes, some people actually thought I ran Base, so I thought Iıd clear up any confusion.

>hey spike I know you are REAL busy in the garage, but I want to know
>if you could lend me your wisdom for a moment. If you have no cards left in
>your deck, can you just put a card from your prizes on top of your deck
>using TR Rattata's Power trickery (switch a prize with the top card of your
>deck). Thanks for just reading this
>P.S Tell Vulpix he rocks! ( ah, the smell of a fresh bashing whafts
>through the air)

Okay people... NO MORE RULES QUESTIONS... Got it?

In answer to your question... I think the answer would have to be NO. ³Switch,² as used here, implies that there must be a card in both places for the power to be used.

>I haven't understood something about some cards of the Trading Cards
>Game. Can you help me, please?
>1. How does the Electrode's Pokemon Power work, exactly? (when I put
>Electrode KO, the next turn it will be still alive, etc.)
>2. Is the maximum damage that Blastoise can do to others 60?
>3. How does the Electabuzz "shield of light" work?

1) Knocked out means knocked out. Once knocked out for any reason, Pokemon donıt come back unless you play Revive or something.

2) No, you can attach four PlusPowers and have it do 100. =)

3) Since I have no idea what the heck you are talking about, I regret I must pass on this question. Perhaps you are talking about the movie promo Electabuzz. I donıt remember the exact first attack for this card. I do, however, recall it being a piece of crap.

>Hi Spike. I've been wondering about where you got your Vulpix? Did you
>catch him after a difficult battle? Did you win him at the Game Corner?
>(that's where I got mine, because I didn't like the idea of hurting a Vulpix)
>How'd you get him?
>~King Cobra and Arbok (and Raichu)
>PS Do you have those KFC Pokemon Toys? If so which ones? I have the
>Vulpix one :)

I was the trainer of Vulpixıs mother, a Ninetales. She evolved from a Vulpix that I caught just west of Lavender Town. Thatıs how I got him. In answer to your second question, I have the Vulpix from KFC too. Itıs the only Pokemon toy I own. =)

>Hey, I really like your new Cinders deck. It is a lot different from
>any other deck anyone plays around here and I am glad to see people winning
>with a deck that is not haymaker or Raindance. Anyway, I was wondering if
>you could help me build an anti-haymaker. Haymaker is about the only deck
>anyone builds at my league...... and it should be pay from when you sent
>Kangaskahn at me. (Remember, Metal pole, kangas at my house any time now.) >You don't really have to build a whole deck, just give me some ideas on >Pokemon and a stradegy. All I can think of is rather alot of resistence in >the deck, or maybe a hardcore stall. Seeya later.

Well, it all depends on what sort of ³Haymaker² people are playing in your area. Are they going with the classic Buzz/Chan/Scy? Sounds like you may want a sort of Scyther/Magmar/Mewtwo deck. Are they the ones playing Magmar? Lapras is your man. Or you could just do as I whatever deck you want, and play it well enough to cream the Haymakers. =)

> Okayyy, this Justin guy is now officially ANNOYING. I get a strong
>feeling that he thinks his deck is superior because his battles are fought at
>the Pokemon League--which is not exactly a gathering ground for the best
>and brightest.
> Spike, PLEASE. For the sake of the Pokemon world....BEAT this guy!!
> You know, I used to think he was an okay person were fairly
>good...until this ordeal. From his reports, he never lashed out at any >opponents, but this?...Oy. I'll bet anyone that read the article in 6/21 "I >Get Letters" will be cheering for ya. Especially those othet two or three >people that responded to his 'Psychic Deck Cards' article. No doubt that got
>something from Justin too.
> Good Luck, and tell Vulpix my Arcanine syas 'hi.'
> ~Satoshi

Hehe. Okay, time for a Justin Smith update. He hasnıt responded to my challenge. Nor, I think, is he going to. I canıt figure out why, since by totally ignoring me he seems to demonstrate to everyone watching that he has no confidence in his abilities against a supposedly ³inferior² trainer. Even if he thinks he will makes no sense, because at least if he accepted, there would be a snowballıs chance in you-know-where that he might actually win. Or perhaps he prefers the uncertainty of cowardice to the threat of defeat.

Anyway, thank you for your letters, Satoshi. =) Letters plural? Thatıs right, we have another one right here:

>Yeah, that last letter I wished you I wish to pick apart
>Justin's article. K?
> Justin: CALM DOWN. Your deck reports are labeled "Must Read" because
>of the excess of graphics you use, and because your reports were detailed.
>THAT IS ALL. It is not because your deck is "Superior." Far from it. Your >deck is GOOD, granted, but that gives you NO REASON AT ALL to think you are
>some sort of god of all psychic decks.
> When you do an article like yours, "Cards That Do NOT Belong In
>Psychic Decks" You have to expect comments. Look at my archtype article. >Spike and PokeLady got me good, but did I explode? NO. Y'know, I really don't
>know wat else to say. From your reports, you seemed to be a nice enough >player. You never exploded at your opponents, you seemed okay.
> And as for that 'Superior' crack, no offense, but if you're superior,
>so are the rest of us. The Pokemon League is not the best place to get a
>real challenge. Look at your own reports. Look at your opponents' decks. See
>what I mean? (no offense at al to any of Justin's opponents. This is NOT
>directed at you in any way.)
> You seem to act as though your deck is the best ever. IT IS NOT.
>Japanese cards are in no way legal, and anyone 'round my area would ask to >see english copies. Don't have 'em? Can't use the cards. And the deck
>itself-Alakazam Stall is MEANT to be fast. Without Breeders(which you
>say 'do not belong is stall decks'), Kadabra and Abra are GOW bait. And
>without them, Chansey is a ball of fluff waiting to be KO'd.
> Another reason you got so much bad stuff about your article-you acted
>as though psychic was stalling, stalling, stalling. It is also attacking.
>You did not make this known.
> Justin, again. You need to accept people's opinions. Your card article
>was an opinion? So was Spike's article. And the others that responded. And
>MINE. It didn't get posted, but it was basically the same ol' thing.
> "Thinking to highly of yourself is a great invitation for someone to
>knock you down." Think about it.
> Have A Nice Day. :)
> ~Satoshi
> (oh, one more thing. Alakazam has how much hp? 80. and Ninetales does
>how much damage? 80. Hmm...maybe you uinderestimated fire decks a bit.)

Thank you again, Satoshi. And by the way... hate to say it, but I wouldnıt even categorize Goldenpsy007 as ³Good.² Itıs very passive and seems to rely on topdecking (not to mention the opponent not being able to fight their way out of a paper bag.) Itıs been my experience that passive decks LOSE. Horribly. They get torn to shreds and their bones get left to bleach in the sun. Excuse my imagery, Iım on a rant here...

>Dear Pete,
>I have e-mailed Justin Smith various times and he has made me a deck. When he sees a deck that >is Mono-Psychic he assumes its a STALL deck. He says that you can't combine archetypes. >Combining archetypes is GOOD, IMO. My deck he made sucked. It did win me a tourney.... >with 3 people including me. But thats because there decks were Ash Ketchum decks with >Magikarps in them. I think Justin Smith is nice overall but is pissed when someone denies him. >Stall decks aren't very good. Gamblers and Turbo Tuff decks (plus Cinder, of course) can beat t>hem any day. Justin Smith said that Dark Alakazam and Dark Golduck can beat these decks. >Well Wigglytuff can beat these guys in one shot when Golduck and Alakazam need 2 shots! >Plus, in his reports he said he got badges. PLURAL. What I mean is that battles with Stall decks >take nearly an hour! How can he possibly do that unless like Meets where he plays last for 36 >years! Plus, how come his recent reports a! nd tips always have so!
mething abo
>--<Name Censored by Author of this Article>

Abo? Abo what? Looks like you got cut off in the middle of a sentence there. Oh yes... and using my real name is an excellent way to get your letter deleted. Please indulge me in my little sensitivities, okay? =) Fair warning, now...

>I really don"t play pokemon  that often and just come and read stuff on
>your site once in a while for no good reason. You have written some funny
>stuff and kinda messed up stuff to some people and i find it interesting
>reading it. Nevertheless, i have written disturbing stuff to you like my deck
>out deck. Nevertheless, i was wondering could you POST ME DECK OUT DECK and
>can you fix magic decks. You need to do some magic stuff on your pojo site.

Firstly, this is a POKEMON site. I sprinkle Magic here and there because I like it and I know a lot of my readers do as well. But Iım supposed to fix POKEMON decks. Got it? Secondly, your deck is probably on the pile out back with about 200 others. Thirdly, given Wizardsı recent policy of removing all the good burn and printing stuff like Rhystic Lightning, I donıt want to hear anybody beefing about Shock, Okay?

>Hey this is Lufta here. I know that people have the right to speach
>but, I'm not very pleased with your comments about peoples decks, and >comments. Your job as a deck mechanic is to help people not bash everybody >you see. I'm not trying to tell you what to do that's someone else's job. >People I like to talk wit who are major contributers on this site who aren't >deck mechanics. You just can't block someones e-mail because they like e->mailing your part of your pojo frequentely. Block me off if you will. I just >wanted to get in my word with you. I just wanted to see if you would clean up >your act.

Woohoo! Fresh bait! =)

First of all, I help lots of people. See all the decks I post most weeks? Helping people. Hopefully Iım helping many more people than the people whose decks I actually fix, because others can read my fixes and gain insight from them. The people whose decks I bash are people who are making truly hideous decks... DESPITE the vast wealth of information out there. Honestly, youıd have to be blind to spend more than 5 or 10 minutes on the Pojo and not be able to make a better deck than some of these. My time is valuable (I canıt even get to most of the decks I receive in a timely manner, which really bothers me) and I expect people to weed out the most basic, most obvious mistakes before they send their decks in to me. Honestly, it seems like these people donıt even try. My deck garage guidelines are posted--why donıt they read them? ...Thatıs why I bash. Well, itıs funny too. =)

And I can block anybody I want, thank you very much. It would be very rude of me to block people at random (which I donıt) but I could darned well do it. In truth, I block only for egregious offenses, such as spamming, excessive profanity, or uncivilly-worded hate mail. For example, you were not blocked simply on the basis of this letter.

>Justin Smith sucks! You rule! Don't even waste your time on that little
>blow hole. Vulpix should fire blast that punk to pieces! Please tell
>Vulpix that he rules and WOTC really screwed his card.

I know Vulpix rules. But it wasnıt really WotCıs fault about his card... theyıre just reprinting the Jap cards. And thank you for telling me what I already know about Justin Smith.

> Guh, nine...holo Mews...five...non-holo Mews...fourteen...stupid-ass...Dark Gyrados...piles...threatening >to...collapse on's threat...

Hehe. Well, I only have two holo Mews, so I had to use two non-holo. But you could theoretically construct up to three copies of my promo deck! Ecstasy!

>Hey Spike. I'm a newbie to Magic: The Gathering and you've mentioned in
>your Deck Garage that you play the game. I was wondering if you have any
>suggestions on what expansions are the best to buy in your opinion and
>whether or not I should buy Theme/Starter Decks, and if so which ones.
>Thanks for your help!

Hmm... For a newbie, I would probably recommend Urzaıs Saga. In my opinion, the whole Urza block is better than the Masques block. Theme decks are up to you. I probably wouldnıt buy them unless they have rares or uncommons that you really want, or unless you need the land. You might also want to see if your card shop has a commons bin that you can root through--these were great for me when I was getting started. Iım speaking just from personal experience here.

>Spike, thanks for responding to my last letter. I found the cards at
>Big Cards Big Comics. Its a local store. I liked your article against
>Justin, who sent me a series of nasty emails. Anyway, I have another >question. Where did you learn to understand Vulpix language? My own Vulpix is >very upset because I can't understand it? Please help us?

Ah. That explains it. As for the Vulpix language, itıs just something that you pick up on. Like Ash and his Pikachu. Ever notice how they can understand each other? Some of the time, anyway....

>> Spike,
>> wuz up? Your probably goin' to delete this the
>> moment after you read it ,
>> but hear me out. I just wanted to say that you
>> should go kick Justin's stall
>> decks @$$. If here gives you any crap you just tell
>> me and I'll whoop his
>> butt! Your cinder deck will whoop him so hard. The
>> only slight problems will
>> be Dark Golduck, but I'll be really surprised If he
>> even lives to see him.
>> "Make him feel the burn!"

Hehe. More outpourings of support. Dontcha love it?

Thereıs a lot more letters I could print. However, due to a lack of space, I think Iıll save them for another time.


I just want to use this space this week to tell you guys how much I love ya. When I finally managed to get my paws on a computer and check my email, it was almost the next best thing to being at home. (Well, maybe not the NEXT best thing, but thatıs a topic weıll drift away from very quickly.) The deluge of email, both decks and letters, reminded me that no matter where I go in this world, I have friends. Thank you all. And hopefully all those of you who DIDNıT write me will be driven by guilt to drop me a line now! Bwahahahahaha! Just kidding, of course =)



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