Dear Souper,
This is my deck called "Going Psycho".It is a Mono-Psychic deck.The Strategy is to bench MP Mewtwo, and when the active gets knocked out, use Energy Absorption to earn that energy back and prepare to use that awesome attack, Psyburn.If you move a lot of stuff out, can you please try to limit the rares?I don't have that many.Thankks!!!!

Going Psycho:
1 MP Mewtwo(Energy Absorption and Psyburn)
1 Base Mewtwo(Psychic)
1 Chansey(120 Hp, would have two but I don't want to trade Zapdos)
2 Jigglypuffs(good hit points, nice attacks, favorite Pokemon)
1 Wigglytuff(Do The Wave rocks!!!!!)
1 Mr. Mime(Invisible Wall and Meditate)
3 Farfetch'd(Leek Slap and Pot Smash are awesome)
3 Jynx(A great Psychic Poke)
1 Mew(Gets rid of pesky Wigglys)
1 MP Electabuzz(Quick Attack needs colorless!!)
3 GOWS(Rattata bait)
3 Bills(Card Advantage!!!!)
2 Energy Retrieval(For Energy Needs)
2 Computer Search(Get any Card you Want!!!!!)
2 NGRs(Bring in the cards!!!)
2 Potions(I need healing!!!!!)
2 Mr. Fuji(Saving my damaged from dying!!!)
2 Energy Search(Energy when I need it!!!!)
1 Pluspower(Goodbye, high HP Pokes!!!)
1 Oak(2 Dinky Cards??Not anymore!!!!)
1 Switch(Save the Active!!!)
22 Psychic(for all Pokes!!!)
1 DCE(For High energy requirements!!)
1 Rainbow Energy(For Electabuzz)


I'll try to limit the rares for you. Right now the deck has potential, but it's got way too many singles. When you've got singles, the deck becomes too random, and the odds of getting the right cards are pretty steep.


If MP Mewtwo is the star of the deck you need three or four. I know these can be tough to get, but you need more if you're gonna build a deck around him. Let's take it up to 3, if you can get four then stick another in. The same goes for the Wigglytuff family, try to take it up to 3/4 Wiggly/Jiggly ratio. If you can't get three Wiggly, then go 2/3. To make room, let's take out the Base Mewtwo and Mew, neither are that great, and one Jynx. The rest is Ok. If you get a fourth MP Mewtwo, throw him in. If you can get Scythers, stick em in place of Farfetch'd. If you get more Mr. Mimes, use them instead of Jynx. Oh, and drop the MP Buzz. You can only Light Screen with Rainbow Energy, and Quick Attack isn't good enough to use up a spot in the deck.


First, let's drop the Potions and the Energy Searches, neither have a strong enough effect to use a space for. You do need more card drawing too, add another Bill and two Oaks. Add three Pluspower too, these work best in high quantity. Switch will work for you until you get some Scoop Ups, but I'd add another.


You've got more than you need. Rainbow is unnecessary so you can take it out. If you can get DCE then go with four DCE and 15 Psychic, But if not then go with however many DCE you have and enough Psychic to equal 19 total Energy.
Pok閙on (17)
3 MP Mewtwo
1 Chansey
4 Jigglypuffs
3 Wigglytuff
1 Mr. Mime
3 Farfetch'd
2 Jynx

Trainers (24)
3 Gust of Wind
4 Bill
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Computer Search
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Mr. Fuji
4 Pluspower
3 Oak
2 Switch

Energy (19)
15 Psychic 
4 Double Colorless 
It should work progressively better as you replace the "poor man's cards" with their stronger counterparts (as you get them). Good luck!

~ Souper ~