Hello Im having a tournament coming up (3 days) so rocket only so i build a rocket deck please do not use any other cards except rocket (really stinks id love to use oak and bill) (Exception with basic energy)

Dark Muk

4 TR Grimer
3 Dark Muk

4 TR Arbok
3 Dark Arbok

4 Tr Squirtle
3 Dark Wartoritle
2 Dark Blastoise

1 Here comes team rocket (Saved me a ton of games)

4 Potion energy
4 Full Heal energy
12 Grass energy
12 Water energy


This'll be a challenge... I know I'm not in time for the tournament, but I'll try to stick to the Rocket only theme. This'll be a slow deck, though.


With limited card drawing Trainers, you'd be best sticking with a single color. Let's switch the Blastoise family with the Dark Dragonite family to help get your evolutions out. Make it 4/4/1. Past that you look fine.


I usually don't like HCTR, but with the limited Trainers, let's keep it. Add four Challenge! as a Bill substitute. Drop one NGR and add three Boss's Way, since all your evos. are Dark. Add four Rocket's Sneak Attack for some Trainer Disruption, too.


Since the Dragons are more of a utility than an attacker, your Pok閙on need mostly Grass Energy. Just make your Energy 22 Grass to get back to 60 cards. The special Energy is nice, but most of your Pok閙on have solid Grass requirements.
Pok閙on (23)
4 TR Grimer
3 Dark Muk
4 TR Arbok
3 Dark Arbok
4 TR Dratini
4 Dark Dragonair
1 Dark Dragonite

Trainers (15)
4 Challenge!
3 The Boss's Way
1 Here Comes Team Rocket

Energy (22)
22 Grass
It should work okay for a completely TR deck. Dragonair can get your evos, including Dragonite, who can then get the corresponding basics. Or you can use Challenge to get the basics. Your searching cards are limited to the Dragons, so Trainers will be topdecked. If you get set up quickly with the Dragons, it should work pretty well. Good luck!

~ Souper ~