Dear Souper,

The deck that I am sending you is a spin off of a regular Haymaker, just without the Hitmonchans. It is played very much like one also, which is quite unfortunate because it doesn't make this deck at all very original. Fortunately the strategy turns to psychic beat down when I get out the Mewtwo's.

This deck also plays very well. It actually does better than the average Haymaker with Hitmonchans, and in fact can beat them on the spot. I, unfortunately, I do have problems with the colorless pok閙on and just certain what not pok閙on, such as Fossil Psyduck (It's headache is mean).

My deck has done good, placing fourth in the most recent Sacramento Pok閙on Tournament, but my current goal is to win that tournament. So, I would like you to look at my deck to see what I can't. I know it needs something, I can feel it, like those annoying household pests, you know they're there, you just can't prove it.

This is the Psycho-lectric Haymaker, nothing Innovative, at least I think it isn't:
Pok閙on (12)
3x Electabuzz (B.S. 1 & 2)
3x Mewtwo (Movie Promo)
3x Scyther (Jgl. or B.S. 2)
2x Chansey (B.S. 1 & 2)
1x Mew (Promo)
Trainers (27)
3x Super Energy Removal
4x Energy Removal
4x Scoop Up
3x Professor Oak
3x Nightly Garbage Run
3x Gust of Wind
2x Bill
2x Computer Search
2x Itemfinder
1x Computer Error

Energy Cards (21)
4x Double Colorless Energy
8x Electric Energy
9x Psychic Energy
Pretty standanrd Haymaker variant. Not much else to say... Looks pretty good, but I'll give it a few touch ups.

Looks pretty good already... Not sure about the Mew in there, though. He doesn't really go with the haymaker theme, and even though he's sometimes useful, he's overall not great. I'd take him out and add another 'Buzz.

The only big problem I have here is computer Error. It helps your opponent too, and you lose a turn. Let's drop it and add two Bill. Also, Haymaker needs Pluspower. Drop one Scoop Up and one Energy Removal, and add four Pluspower.

Drop one Lightning and two Psychic, giving you seven of each. NGR will help get some back.
Pok閙on (12)
4 Electabuzz
3 MP Mewtwo 
3 Scyther 
2 Chansey 
Trainers (30)
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Energy Removal
3 Scoop Up
3 Professor Oak
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Gust of Wind
4 Bill
2 Computer Search
2 Itemfinder
4 Pluspower

Energy Cards (18)
4 Double Colorless Energy
7 Electric Energy
7 Psychic Energy
Not too many changes necessary, but it should work better for ya. Good luck!

~ Souper ~