I have a 1 question first what does bashing mean?
Hi, I sent you a deck earlier but i don't think it came through. This is my deck:
                        Bad Water
                  4 Squirtle TR
                  1 Dark Wartortle 
                  2 Dark Blastoise
                  3 Grimer
                  1 Muk
                  1 Dark Muk
                  3 Ekans TR
                  2 Dk. Arbok
                  1 Jigglypuff
                  1 Jigglypuff Promo
                  1 Wigglytuff    
                Trainers: (11)
                  1 Poke breeder
                  1 Trader
                  2 Boss's Way
                  1 Item Finder
                  1 Computer Search
                  1 Computer Error
                  2 Bill
                  2 Potion                              
                Energy: (29)
                  15 Water
                  14 Grass   
This deck is used to mainly reuse cards. I have 1 Breeder to get a Blastoise and a Dark Wartortle for another. I do use this cheap strategy by putting out the Promo Jigglypuff(my opponent usually gets distracted by this) But the main line in my deck is blastoise. I also try using poison wit hthe grass types.

My first impression of the deck is that it's unfocused. Too many singles, and the evolutions don't really compiment each other. Too much Energy, too. More card drawing will help this deck, and more focus in the Pok閙on families.
Since the Grass evolutions don't really complement the strategy, you could probably take them out for some Water families. The next thing I see is that it seems like you're combining two unrelated decks. Do you want Wigglytuff or Blastoise? I'd take out the Wiggly, since you only have one anyway. Now you have a lot of room and you have a few decisions to make. I'd suggest using some Base set Blastoise too. This way you can Raindance not only Blastoise, but the other Pok閙on as well (Hopefully you don't mind if I turn it into a Raindance, but it'll work best like this, and you've already got the Blastoise family). I'd add three Blastoise and one Wartortle. Then add three Lapras and Articuno. Since the Blastoise family takes up so much room, Basics would work better than another family here.
You'll need a whole lot of card drawing here. First let's add three Breeders to evolve the Blastoise. Now there are some cards you can take out. Potions don't help much, and Computer Error helps your opponent just as much, if not more. Let's drop the Boss's Way too, since there are better card drawing options that aren't as limited. You definitely need Oaks and more Bills and Searches. Let's add two Bill, three Oak, and two Com. Search. Add another Item Finder and two Trader, too. Add two Gust of Wind and three Nigthly Garbage Run to get back lost Pok閟 and Energy.
Take out all the Grass, and add four Water. Here's the deck:
Pokemon (17)
4 Squirtle TR
1 Wartortle                 
1 Dark Wartortle   
3 Blastoise             
2 Dark Blastoise
3 Lapras
3 Articuno
Trainers (24)
4 Pok閙on Breeder
3 Trader
2 Item Finder
4 Bill   
3 Oak
3 Com. Search
2 Gust of Wind
3 Nightly Garbage Run                      

Energy (29)
19 Water
Most of the Trainers are card drawing, so you can get both Blastoise out quickly. Get Blastoise out first, so you can raindance Lapras, Articuno, and Dark Blastoise. By making it one color, it's more focused, and I got rid of most of the singles (the wartortles are exceptions because of the 4 Breeders). Good luck! (If you don't wanna use an Archetype, use Dark Blastoise without Base Blastoise. This will compromise the strength of the deck, though)

~ Souper ~