Hi, my name is Zach and this is the deck I came in fourth with at the STS. 
The deck is good but could you please give it a casual fix.  I believe you
are one of the best pokemon players.  Please bring this up to your level.
3 Wigglytuff
4 Jigglypuff
3 Electabuzz
3 Ditto
2 Scyther
2 Lass
3 Rocket Sneak Attack
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Plus Power
3 Gust of Wind
4 Professor Oak
4 Bill
2 Switch
2 Computer Search
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Item Finder
2 Rainbow
4 Double Colorless
9 Lightning
    Zach ( Ditto )

Wow.  I almost wonder who am I to fix a deck that got a Bronze medal at the STS since I finished a measly 14th, but I will give it a go anyway. =)

I will assume an STS fix for this deck.  For the Pokemon, I would start by trimming it down by 1.  I think 11 basics is just fine.  What to cut is a hard call, though.  I would probably go with Ditto simply because both he and Wigglytuff are DCE hogs, and you want them more available for your big gun.

With Energy, I would consider running it a bit tighter and faster.  Go ahead and drop one lightning.  I do like Rainbow, and would even consider a 3rd over another lightning, but that is your choice.  Swords Dance is brutal early, but not as good late. 

With trainers, we have 2 slots open.  Start by making them a 4th Plus Power and 4th Rocket Sneak.  Those cards rule. in this environment.  Drop 1 Lass and all 3 SER for 4 ER.  They are lighter and faster in this environment, and can get the job done just as well most of the time.  Drop 1 Bill and 1 Gust for the 3rd Item Finder and the 3rd Computer Search.  They are pivitol cards to seeing the combo.   As much as I hate to do this, kill the other Lass too.  This pains me greatly, but I think it's a cut we have to make.  Turn it into a Nightly Garbage Run, and make an Energy Retrieval a Run also.  This card is more for getting back Wigglytuffs if need be, but energy also of course.

That's about it.  Here is my final version.

4 Jigglypuff
3 Wigglytuff
3 Electabuzz
2 Ditto
2 Scyther

8 Lightning Energy
2 Rainbow Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

4 Rocket Sneak Attack
4 Energy Removal
4 PlusPower
2 Gust of Wind
4 Professor Oak
3 Bill
2 Switch
3 Computer Search
2 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Energy Retrieval
3 Item Finder

These are just my suggestions, but obviously the deck was good to being with.  Congratulations and good luck!